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Abissinia Giornale Di Un Viaggio
Author: Pippo Vigoni
ISBN: 1545011834
Pages: 140
Year: 2017-03-31
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Fummo da un amico invitati a fare la conoscenza di Ziber pacha, che in quel momento pi� che mai attirava l'attenzione della politica e dei curiosi in Egitto. � questi nativo del Darfur dove sempre visse. Uomo di intelligenza non comune e di spiriti belligeri, seppe col senno e colle armi conquistare tutta quanta quell'estesa provincia, che poi mediante trattati sottomise al Governo egiziano, ritirandosi lui in Cairo ove ebbe cortesie, onori, e titolo di pacha.
Mineral Resources Potential of Ethiopia
Author: Solomon Tadesse (Geologist)
Pages: 290
Year: 2009
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The Escaping Club
Author: Alfred John Evans
Pages: 309
Year: 1922
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No Picnic on Mount Kenya
Author: Felice Benuzzi
Publisher: Quercus Publishing
ISBN: 0857053752
Pages: 240
Year: 2015-11-12
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A rediscovered mountaineering classic and the extraordinary true story of a daring escape up Mount Kenya by three prisoners of war. When the clouds covering Mount Kenya part one morning to reveal its towering peaks for the first time, prisoner of war Felice Benuzzi is transfixed. The tedium of camp life is broken by the beginnings of a sudden idea - an outrageous, dangerous, brilliant idea. There are not many people who would break out of a P.O.W. camp, trek for days across perilous terrain before climbing the north face of Mount Kenya with improvised equipment, meagre rations, and with a picture of the mountain on a tin of beef among their more accurate guides. There are probably fewer still who would break back in to the camp on their return. But this is the remarkable story of three such men. No Picnic on Mount Kenya is a powerful testament to the human spirit of revolt and adventure in even the darkest of places. "The history of mountaineering can hardly present a parallel to this mad but thrilling escapade" - Saturday Review "A most extraordinary prisoner-of-war and escape story" - New Yorker "A mad venture and a gallant tribute to man's deep yearning for freedom" - Kirkus Reviews "The book crackles with the same dry humour as its title. It contains the prison-yard bartering and candlelight stitching that mark a classic jailbreak yarn; the encounters with wild beasts in Mount Kenya's forest belt are as gripping, and the descriptions of sparkling glaciers as awe-inspiring, as any passage in the great exploration diaries of the early 20th century" - The Economist
Author: Wu Ming, Shaun Whiteside
Publisher: Verso Books
ISBN: 1844673421
Pages: 396
Year: 2009
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To save their threatened utopian community of Iroquois, Irish, and Scots during the start of the American Revolution, Mohawk chief Joseph Brant and a group of warriors go on a restless journey that takes them from New York to Canada, to the salons of Georgian London and the heart of the British Empire, in the latest work by a critically acclaimed collective of Italian writers known as Wu Ming.