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Down to Earth
Author: Margot Rochester
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing
ISBN: 1589794095
Pages: 256
Year: 2009-01-16
View: 750
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Down to Earth is a book that speaks to the soul of the passionate gardener of any experience level, exploring and detailing all the pleasures that gardeners enjoy from this hobby. Rochester encourages readers to garden for self-gratification. No hoeing, no tilling, no turning of piles. No chemical insecticides or herbicides, either. The author's goal is to encourage and enable gardeners to simplify tasks, saving time and money, while making their gardens their own. Rochester's refreshing musings and advice invite the reader to take a break, pour a cup of tea, and forge a fine and friendly relationship with a kindred spirit of gardening.
Talking Dirt
Author: Annie Spiegelman
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101185457
Pages: 304
Year: 2010-02-23
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Read: 336
A lively and practical guide to organic gardening from a renowned garden expert. Annie Spiegelman's down-to-earth wit and wisdom create the perfect primer for anyone with a passion for home-grown veggies or fresh-cut flowers, no matter what their skill level, location, or resources. Includes advice on: •Learning to worship the worm and build a compost pile •Landscape designs-start small in order to create a basic plan for a plot •The secret to healthy soil (the only way to have a healthy garden) •Irrigation systems and strategies to conserve water •Proper pruning-from roses to trees •How to combine vegetables to make them thrive •How to let your garden go native and become drought tolerant •Edible landscaping and gardening in small spaces Talking Dirt is a one-stop handbook that features resources for shopping, learning, and promoting environmentally sound garden practices within local communities.
Backyard Bounty
Author: Linda Gilkeson
Publisher: New Society Publishers
ISBN: 1550924745
Pages: 304
Year: 2011-04-01
View: 891
Read: 536
Grow more food with less work in any yard
Building Soil: A Down-to-Earth Approach
Author: Elizabeth Murphy
ISBN: 1591866197
Pages: 200
Year: 2015-03-27
View: 899
Read: 688
If you want methods that won't break your back, are good for the environment, and create high-yielding, beautiful gardens of all shapes and sizes, this is the book for you!
The Publishers Weekly
Year: 2009
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The Naked Truth About Gardening, the Bare Essentials
Author: Down and Dirty Enterprises
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1438982623
Pages: 120
Year: 2011-06-25
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About the book: The Naked Truth About Gardening, is an essential guide on how to successfully grow plants. Author, Eleanor Rose, believes ANYONE can grow plants if they know how. It is the how, that is surprising. In The Naked Truth About Gardening: The Bare Essentials, Eleanor shares her top 10 Naked Truths for gardening. These truths are the keys that unlock the secrets to mastering this ancient art while utilizing technology of the 21st century. This book contains what every person needs to know to discover their naked gardening self. Learn top 10 Naked Truths of successful gardeners. Grow robust healthy plants anywhere in the world. Exercise time tested tips, tricks and techniques to achieve extraordinary results. Appreciate low maintenance and economical plants. Choose the best plant for a growing space by measuring light, temperature and humidity. Acquire tools and supplies for just pennies on the dollar or even for free. Practice time, space, and money saving strategies for your garden. Learn to shop efficiently and effectively for healthy plants at bargain basement prices. Avoid the frustration and disappointment of poor plant performance. Become part of the pollution solution by growing environmentally friendly plants.
Gardening for a Lifetime
Author: Sydney Eddison
Publisher: Timber Press
ISBN: 1604692529
Pages: 208
Year: 2013-10-31
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Read: 712
From the winner of the National Garden Club's Award of Excellence Although the garden may beckon as strongly as ever, the tasks involved—pulling weeds, pushing wheelbarrows, digging holes, moving heavy pots—become increasingly difficult, or even impossible, with advancing age. But the idea of giving it up is unthinkable for most gardeners. So what’s the alternative? In Gardening for a Lifetime, Sydney Eddison draws on her own forty years of gardening to provide a practical and encouraging roadmap for scaling back while keeping up with the gardening activities that each gardener loves most. Like replacing demanding plants like delphiniums with sturdy, relatively carefree perennials like sedums, rudbeckias, and daylilies. Or taking the leap and hiring help—another pair of hands, even for a few hours a week, goes a long way toward getting a big job done. This new edition features an additional chapter describing how Sydney’s struggles with hip and back problems forced her to walk the walk. As a friend of hers says, “Last summer you wrote the book. Now, I’m happy to see that you’ve read it.” Gentle, personable, and practical, Gardening for a Lifetime will be welcomed by all gardeners looking to transform gardening from a list of daunting chores into the gratifying, joyful activity it was meant to be.
The Complete Gardener
Author: Monty Don
ISBN: 075136441X
Pages: 440
Year: 2003
View: 1149
Read: 877
Provides detailed, practical guidance on all aspects of organic gardening, covering the basics, design and structure, flowers, vegetables, fruit, and herbs.
Down to Earth with Helen Dillon
Author: Helen Dillon
Publisher: Timber Press (OR)
ISBN: 0881928593
Pages: 223
Year: 2007
View: 726
Read: 1274
In this book, Helen Dillon encapsulates, in her inimitable witty and acccessible style, her lifetime of gardening know-how, deep love of plants, and assured sense of design. Here is illumination for every gardener--from the beginner wondering why nothing will grow in the garden of the new house to the sophisticate aiming at exquisitely subtle effects. Thoughtful ideas on garden style are underpinned by practical advice on looking after plants and careful instructions on the basics of digging, planting, and propagating. Helen Dillon teaches us all how to garden, and garden well. Part one, "Beginner's Stuff," tackles elementary subjects such as how to construct a proper path, how to cope with shade, when and how much to fertilize and water, and how to deal with pests. Part two, "The Middle Ground," ventures into more advanced subjects, including pruning and deadheading, propagation, staking, and plants for specific sites and uses. Part three, "Fancy Stuff," tantalizes the experienced gardener with chapters on exotic plants, plants used primarily for their ornamental foliage, usual and collector's plants, and on "decluttering" the garden. Throughout the book, Dillon's friendly, humorous, no-nonsense approach guarantees all gardeners will appreciate the wisdom of a true expert.
The Complete How To Be A Gardener
Author: Alan Titchmarsh
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448140749
Pages: 576
Year: 2016-10-06
View: 204
Read: 297
Whether you're a complete beginner or a keen gardener, there are always times when it helps to have a reliable expert at your side. In The Complete How to be a Gardener, Alan Titchmarsh draws on his extensive knowledge and experience to give you a comprehensive guide to becoming a successful gardener. Alan starts with the fundamentals, covering the absolute essentials that every gardener needs to know, including information on how plants work and what they need to survive, as well as where to begin if you're a first-time gardener. Each chapter includes practical advice and step-by-step techniques and projects, as well as information on garden maintenance and a host of Alan's favourite plants to help you in your selection. With its perfect balance of down-to-earth information and inspirational garden ideas, this complete paperback edition of How to be a Gardener gets to the very heart of gardening and provides a comprehensive reference manual for any garden owner.
High and Dry
Author: Robert Nold
Publisher: Timber Press
ISBN: 0881928720
Pages: 420
Year: 2008
View: 1111
Read: 1300
Leavened with humor and rueful wisdom, Nold's pithy descriptions zero in on each plant's outstanding ornamental characteristics while giving the reader an accurate idea of what to expect from the plant's performance in the garden." "Although Nold addresses himself primarily to western gardeners, anyone with an interest in hardy, drought-tolerant plants will find in these pages an abundance of tempting possibilities with which to experiment."--BOOK JACKET.
Gardening at Longmeadow
Author: Monty Don
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448140501
Pages: 352
Year: 2012-05-31
View: 539
Read: 274
Monty Don made a triumphant return to our screens as presenter of Gardeners' World. A firm favourite with viewers, Monty's infectious enthusiasm for plants, attention to the finer details of gardening technique and easy charm have seen the ratings soar. Here Monty invites us into the garden at Longmeadow, to show us how he created this beautiful garden, and how we can do the same in our own. Following the cycle of the seasons, Gardening at Longmeadow will introduce readers to the garden from the earliest snowdrops of January through the first splashes of colour in the Spring Garden, the electric summer displays of the Jewel Garden, the autumn harvest in the orchard, and on to a Christmas feast sourced from the vegetable gardens. Describing the magic of each area at different times of the year, Monty will explain the basics of what to do when and how to get the most from each plant. He'll talk through the essential techniques and more complex processes, accompanied by easy-to-follow, step-by-step photography. Longmeadow is a gardeners' garden, but this will be a book for gardening enthusiasts of all skill levels who have been inspired by what they've seen, and who would like to achieve something similar for themselves.
The British National Bibliography
Author: Arthur James Wells
Year: 2009
View: 632
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The Essential Earthman
Author: Henry Mitchell
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253215854
Pages: 244
Year: 2003-01
View: 791
Read: 869
"The most soul-satisfying gardening book in years." —New York Times (March 1982, reviewing the 1981 cloth edition from IU Press). "Genuinely a classic..." —Los Angeles Times (on the occasion of Houghton Mifflin's paperback edition, which came out in 1994). "Is there anyone alive with the slightest interest in gardening who doesn't know that Henry Mitchell is one of the funniest and most truthful garden columnists we've got?" —Allen Lacy "Mitchell is a joy to read. He has tried and failed, persevered and triumphed, and he has many sound recommendations for us fumblers and failures." —Celestine Sibley, in the Atlanta Constitution. "Henry Mitchell is one of America's most entertaining and enlightening garden writers.... 'Garden writer' fails, in truth, to describe this man. He gardens and he writes—the former, if we take him at his word, with lust and loathing, foolhardiness and finesse; the latter with gentle irony and consummate skill." —Pacific Horticulture "Mitchell mixes practical advice, encouragement, philosophic consolation and wit. He is the neighbor you wish you could talk to over the back fence." —House and Garden Henry Mitchell was to gardening what Izaak Walton was to fishing. The Essential Earthman is a collection of the best of his long-running column for the Washington Post. Although he offered invaluable tips for novice as well as seasoned gardeners, at the heart of his essays were piquant observations: on keeping records; the role of trees in gardens (they don't belong there); how a gardener should weather the winter; on shrubs, bulbs, and fragrant flowers—and about observation itself. Here's one example: Marigolds gain enormously in impact when used as sparingly as ultimatums. Henry Mitchell came to his subject with reverence, passion, humor, and a contagious enthusiasm tempered only by his sober knowledge of human frailty. The Essential Earthman is for all who love gardening—even those who only dream of doing it.
The Art of Gardening
Author: R. William Thomas
Publisher: Timber Press
ISBN: 1604697210
Pages: 340
Year: 2015-10-15
View: 677
Read: 185
“Delightful!” —The New York Times Book Review Discover a world of beauty and creativity! Chanticleer has been called the most romantic, imaginative, and exciting public garden in America. It is a place of pleasure and learning, relaxing yet filled with ideas to take home. And now those lessons are available for everyone in this stunning book! You’ll learn techniques specific to different conditions and plant palettes; how to use hardscape materials in a fresh way; and how to achieve the perfect union between plant and site. And Rob Cardillo’s exquisite photographs of exciting combinations will be sure to stimulate your own creativity. Whether you’re already under Chanticleer’s spell or have yet to visit, The Art of Gardening will enable you to bring the special magic that pervades this most artful of gardens into your own home landscape.