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Understanding Henri Lefebvre
Author: Stuart Elden
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 0826470025
Pages: 265
Year: 2004-03-01
View: 980
Read: 445
Henri Lefebvre has been celebrated as one of the most influential social theorists of the twentieth century. Understanding Henri Lefebvre places Lefebvre in his historical and intellectual context and analyzes the extraordinary range of his work, across politics, philosophy, history, literature and culture. Particular emphasis is given to Lefebvre's trilogy of inspirational thinkers—Hegel, Marx and Nietzsche; his links to contemporaries such as Heidegger, Axelos and the Situationalists; and his critiques of existentialism and structuralism. Analysis of his writings on cities are balanced with those on rural communities, the production of space connected to ideas of time and history, and everyday life linked to the festival and cultural revolution. Understanding Henri Lefebvre offers the most wide-ranging and reliable account of this central theorist available.
The Blindfold
Author: Siri Hustvedt
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501176498
Pages: 224
Year: 2017-05-02
View: 1128
Read: 807
From the author of The Blazing World, “a work of dizzying intensity…eloquent and vivid” (Don DeLillo), about a young Midwestern woman who finds herself entangled in intense circumstances—physical, cerebral, and existential—when she moves to New York City. Iris Vegan, a young, impoverished graduate student from the Midwest, finds herself entangled with four powerful but threatening characters as she tries to adjust to life in New York City. Mr. Morning, an inscrutable urban recluse, employs Iris to tape-record verbal descriptions of objects that belonged to a murder victim. George, a photographer, takes an eerie portrait of Iris, which then acquires a strong life of its own, appearing and disappearing without warning around the city. After a series of blinding migraines, Iris ends up in a hospital room with Mrs. O., a woman who has lost her mind and memory to a stroke, but who nevertheless retains both the strength and energy to torment her fellow patient. And finally, there is Professor Rose, Iris’s teacher and eventually her lover. While working with him on the translation of a German novella called The Brutal Boy, she discovers in its protagonist, Klaus, a vehicle for her own transformation and ventures out into the city again—this time dressed as a man.
Folk Tales of Mallorca
Author: Antoni Maria Alcover
ISBN: 8427305702
Pages: 142
Year: 1988
View: 157
Read: 638

The Goldsmith's Secret
Author: Elia Barcelo
Publisher: MacLehose Press
ISBN: 1623652871
Pages: 96
Year: 2013-11-05
View: 1071
Read: 1277
One snowy night in New York City, a successful but solitary goldsmith reflects on his life, and his unreliable memories intertwine and collide. Returning to the village where he grew up, he hopes with some trepidation that he will encounter Celia, "the Black Widow," a beautiful and mysterious friend of his mother with whom he had a short and passionate affair when he was a teenager, before she rejected him. But instead he meets a young woman who opens doors onto a strange world, and takes him back in time. The Goldsmith's Secret is a remarkable story with a magical twist, of a love trapped between two parallel times, set Spain in the fifties, seventies, and in the last year of the twentieth century. In beautifully economical language, and with a structure as intricate and refined as a bevelled jewel, The Goldsmith's Secret is filled with intense nostalgia, memories and desires. Elia Barcelo has come to be known across Europe as a truly original voice, and her books as poetic works of great subtlety.
English Grammar: Step by Step
Author: Elizabeth Weal
Publisher: Tenaya Press
ISBN: 097961287X
Pages: 120
Year: 2013-07-21
View: 196
Read: 794
Designed for Spanish-speaking students who have little or no knowledge of Spanish or English grammar. Covers basic punctuation and capitalization in English, the verbs to be and to have, contractions with to be, a, an, and the, and possessive adjectives.
Author: Douglas Futuyma, Mark Kirkpatrick
Publisher: Sinauer
ISBN: 1605356050
Pages: 594
Year: 2017-04-06
View: 779
Read: 756
This new edition of Evolution features a new coauthor: Mark Kirkpatrick (The University of Texas at Austin) offers additional expertise in evolutionary genetics and genomics, the fastest-developing area of evolutionary biology. Directed toward an undergraduate audience, the text emphasizes the interplay between theory and empirical tests of hypotheses, thus acquainting students with the process of science.
Author: Víctor Català
ISBN: 093052392X
Pages: 216
Year: 1992
View: 1017
Read: 1044
The story of a woman's emotional awakening amid the inhospitable Catalan mountains.
Rhetorical Style
Author: Jeanne Fahnestock
Publisher: OUP USA
ISBN: 0199764123
Pages: 449
Year: 2011-10-12
View: 913
Read: 1264
A comprehensive guide to the language of argument, Rhetorical Style offers a renewed appreciation of the persuasive power of the English language. Drawing on key texts from the rhetorical tradition, as well as on newer approaches from linguistics and literary stylistics, Fahnestock demonstrates how word choice, sentence form, and passage construction can combine to create effective spoken and written arguments. With examples from political speeches, non-fiction works, and newspaper reports, Rhetorical Style surveys the arguer's options at the word, sentence, interactive, and passage levels, and illustrates the enduring usefulness of rhetorical stylistics in analyzing and constructing arguments.
Prometheus Illbound
Author: André Gide
Publisher: Mondial
ISBN: 1595690808
Pages: 124
Year: 2007
View: 326
Read: 1219
The book "Prometheus Illbound" is one of the most characteristic books of Andre Gide: a work of pure intelectual fantasy, where the subtle brain of the author has full play. It is the expression of the humorous side of a mind which must be ranked among the greatest of the world's literature. "The work of art is the exaggeration of an idea," says Gide in the epilogue of "Prometheus Illbound." This is really the explanation of the whole book and of many other books of Gide. --- Andre Paul Guillaume Gide (1869-1951) was a French author and winner of the Nobel Prize in literature in 1947. His other works include: "Les Caves du Vatican" ("Lafcadio's Adventures"), "Les Nourritures Terrestres" ("Fruits of the Earth"), "La Porte Etroite" ("Strait is the Gate"), "L'Immoraliste" ("The Immoralist") and many others.
The Gravedigger's Son
Author: Patrick Moody
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 1510710744
Pages: 304
Year: 2017-09-26
View: 205
Read: 207
“A Digger must not refuse a request from the Dead." —Rule Five of the Gravedigger’s Code Ian Fossor is last in a long line of Gravediggers. It’s his family’s job to bury the dead and then, when Called by the dearly departed, to help settle the worries that linger beyond the grave so spirits can find peace in the Beyond. But Ian doesn’t want to help the dead—he wants to be a Healer and help the living. Such a wish is, of course, selfish and impossible. Fossors are Gravediggers. So he reluctantly continues his training under the careful watch of his undead mentor, hoping every day that he’s never Called and carefully avoiding the path that leads into the forbidden woods bordering the cemetery. Just as Ian’s friend, Fiona, convinces him to talk to his father, they’re lured into the woods by a risen corpse that doesn’t want to play by the rules. There, the two are captured by a coven of Weavers, dark magic witches who want only two thing—to escape the murky woods where they’ve been banished, and to raise the dead and shift the balance of power back to themselves. Only Ian can stop them. With a little help from his friends. And his long-dead ancestors. Equal parts spooky and melancholy, funny and heartfelt, The Gravedigger’s Son is a gorgeous debut that will long sit beside Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book and Jonathan Auxier's The Night Gardener.
Liberty Before Liberalism
Author: Quentin Skinner
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107689538
Pages: 152
Year: 2012-03-26
View: 874
Read: 538
Provides one of the most substantial statements about the importance, relevance, and potential excitement of this form of historical enquiry.
Nona's Room
Author: Cristina Cubas
Publisher: Peter Owen Publishers
ISBN: 0720619548
Pages: 176
Year: 2017-09-01
View: 1022
Read: 952
Winner:Premio Nacional de Narrativa (2016)Premio de la Critica Española (2016)Premio Dulce Chacón (2016) Book of the Year 2015:La Vanguardia, El Cultural, Babelia and ABC An award-winning collection of Gothic and uncanny stories from one of Europe's most celebrated contemporary writers of short fiction. In Nona's Room the everyday fantasies of women slowly turn into nightmare, delusion and paranoia. A young girl who is envious of the attention given to her sister has a brutal awakening. A young woman, facing eviction, misplaces her trust in an old lady who invites her into her home. A mature woman spends the night in a hotel in Madrid and falls into a time warp... Cubas's stories are suffused with the chilling tones of Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber and the psychological intensity of Paula Hawkins's The Girl on the Train.
Letras completas
Author: Bob Dylan
Publisher: Malpaso Ediciones SL
ISBN: 8416665605
Pages: 1320
Year: 2016-11-25
View: 381
Read: 598
Premio Nobel de Literatura 2016. Bob Dylan, cantautor de cantautores, recientemente galardonado con el Premio Nobel de Literatura -del que sólo hizo acuse de recibo por unas horas en su web-, presenta la edición integral de su cancionero completo, en edición bilingüe. Esta edición ofrece, por fin, la posibilidad de explorar el vastísimo -casi inconmensurable- universo poético del bardo de Minnesota, desde sus primeros tientos profesionales como cantautor contestatario e ídolo de su generación, hasta el día de la revelación en el que se obró el milagro -sacrilegio para muchos- que le llevó a abrazar las armas del rocanrol y electrificar su imaginario musical, despojándolo de las esencias folk que hasta entonces lo habían caracterizado. Con esa transformación también llegaría un nuevo lenguaje poético y su inclusión definitiva en el olimpo de los grandes del rock. De sus fugaces conversiones religiosas a otros credos y otros tantos desvaríos también da noticia el propio cancionero, una obra que deviene en hoja de ruta lírica de la singladura vital de Bob Dylan. Con este volumen Malpaso inicia la publicación de sus obras completas. Le seguirán 'Crónicas I', 'Tarántula' y 'Fotorretórica de Hollywood'.
A Grand Illusion?
Author: Tony Judt
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814724280
Pages: 149
Year: 1996
View: 1267
Read: 708
Originally published: New York: Hill and Wang, 1996.
Fins de Siècle
Author: Asa Briggs, Daniel Snowman
ISBN: 0300066872
Pages: 248
Year: 1996
View: 1081
Read: 1215
As we approach the new millennium, we find ourselves reassessing the past and looking forward to a new future. Has the prospect of a new century always provided a 'sense of an ending'? In this timely and stimulating book, experts on each century since the fourteenth explore the characteristics of history's final decades and find that a consciousness of time has indeed influenced the way people perceive their place in the past. The writers - Paul Strohm on the 1390s (when signs of a new time consciousness first emerged), Malcolm Vale on the 1490s, Ian Archer on the 1590s, Peter Earle on the 1690s, Roy Porter on the 1790s and Asa Briggs on the 1890s and 1990s - discuss what is common and what is distinctive to each period. Investigating cultural and intellectual attitudes, economic and technological developments, and artistic, scientific and political change, they capture the atmosphere of each end of century. As well as the great watersheds of history, the authors explore the daily lives of ordinary citizens, recounting personal histories and subtle shifts in diet, fashion and design, sex and gender roles, relations between rich and poor and the emergence of language. Illustrations from both high and popular art provide arresting images of the cultural and social fabric of each community.