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The Yorkshire Terrier
Author: Deborah Wood
Publisher: Interpet Publishing
ISBN: 1842861956
Pages: 206
Year: 2008
View: 400
Read: 1214
Originally bred to hunt small game, the modern day Yorkshire terrier has evolved into a beloved companion animal. Providing a wealth of information which relates specifically to the breed, this book covers all the key topics that Yorkshire terrier owners need to consider.
Author: Jill C. Wheeler
Publisher: ABDO Publishing Company
ISBN: 1617847496
Pages: 24
Year: 2010-09-01
View: 717
Read: 288
This book examines the Yorkie-Poo, a cross between a miniature or toy poodle and a Yorkshire terrier. The history, development and breed standards of the Yorkie-PooÍs parent breeds are discussed. Genetics are introduced, as are inherited traits and their role in the dogÍs disposition, physical makeup, the possibility of illness in the dog, and allergic reactions in people. The Yorkie-Poos coat, color, size and how to care for a dog are also highlighted.
A History of Higher Education in America
Author: Charles Franklin Thwing
Pages: 501
Year: 1906
View: 553
Read: 413

A Mackenzie Clan Gathering
Author: Jennifer Ashley
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101615958
Pages: 175
Year: 2015-11-17
View: 880
Read: 805
The author of The Stolen Mackenzie Bride returns to the tumultuous and passionate world of the Mackenzie clan as a family celebration is shaken by an unexpected danger... The Mackenzie clan has gathered for Hart’s birthday at the sprawling family estate in Scotland. But before the festivities can start, the house is robbed, and thieves make off with an untold fortune in rare art. Ian Mackenzie and his brothers must do what they can to retrieve the family treasure, but Ian is distracted by a family friend who claims he might have the power to “cure” Ian of his madness forever. All the Mackenzies must draw together as courage, love, and a tantalizing mystery serve to strengthen their bond, and redefine the meaning of family. Includes a bonus excerpt of The Stolen Mackenzie Bride Praise for the Mackenzies series “I adore this novel: It’s heartrending, funny, honest, and true.”—New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James "I love the Mackenzies—every one of them.”—New York Times bestselling author Sarah Maclean “Skillfully nuanced characterization and an abundance of steamy sensuality.”—Chicago Tribune
Running in Australia
Author: Julia Thorn, John Chapman
ISBN: 1920995005
Pages: 192
Year: 2005
View: 942
Read: 596
The ultimate route guide for runners in Australia. Whether you.re looking for a change or a challenge, here are plenty of ideas on where to go. These are routes for the leisure runner venues that are easy to reach, and with full directions for the run so you won.t get lost. Every one of the runs is in a scenic location, showcasing the best our cities have to offer.
Big Honkin' Zits
Author: Jerry Scott, Jim Borgman
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 0740718541
Pages: 256
Year: 2001-08-28
View: 711
Read: 1241
Follows Jeremy's adventures as he copes with aspects of teenage life including parents, school, and friends.
Encyclopedia of K9 Terminology
Author: Edward M. Gilbert, Jr, Patricia H. Gilbert
Publisher: Dogwise Publishing
ISBN: 1617811351
Pages: 832
Year: 2013-12-10
View: 577
Read: 1066
Have you ever been stumped trying to understand what a judge, breeder or dog fancier is saying about a dog? Or been utterly confused when reading a Breed Standard? What is meant by “butterfly nose,” “fish hook front” or “crabbing?” Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology to the rescue! Veteran AKC judges and breeders Ed Gilbert and his wife Pat Gilbert have pulled together every conceivable term applied to dogs to aid experts and amateurs alike to help all understand and correctly use the language of the sport.
American Wasteland
Author: Jonathan Bloom
Publisher: Da Capo Lifelong Books
ISBN: 0738215627
Pages: 384
Year: 2011-08-30
View: 364
Read: 437
What Tom Vanderbilt did for traffic and Brian Wansink did for mindless eating, Jonathan Bloom does for food waste. The topic couldn't be timelier: As more people are going hungry while simultaneously more people are morbidly obese, American Wasteland sheds light on the history, culture, and mindset of waste while exploring the parallel eco-friendly and sustainable-food movements. As the era of unprecedented prosperity comes to an end, it's time to reexamine our culture of excess. Working at both a local grocery store and a major fast food chain and volunteering with a food recovery group, Bloom also interviews experts—from Brian Wansink to Alice Waters to Nobel Prize–winning economist Amartya Sen—and digs up not only why and how we waste, but, more importantly, what we can do to change our ways.
You Had Me at Woof
Author: Julie Klam
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101444738
Pages: 240
Year: 2010-10-28
View: 173
Read: 567
Look out for Julie's new book, The Stars in Our Eyes, publishing in July 2017. The hilarious and heartfelt chronicle of a woman learning the secrets of love, health, and happiness from some very surprising teachers: her dogs. Julie Klam was thirty, single, and working as a part-time clerk in an insurance company, wondering if she would ever meet the man she could spend the rest of her life with. And then it happened. She met the irresistible Otto, her first in a long line of Boston terriers, and fell instantly in love. You Had Me at Woof is the often hilarious and always sincere story of how one woman discovered life's most important lessons from her relationships with her canine companions. From Otto, Julie realized what it might feel like to find "the one." She learned to share her home, her heart, and her limited resources with another, and she found an authentic friend in the process. But that was just the beginning. Over the years her brood has grown to one husband, one daughter, and several Boston terriers. And although she had much to learn about how to care for them-walks at 2 a.m., vet visits, behavior problems-she was surprised and delighted to find that her dogs had more wisdom to convey to her than she had ever dreamed. And caring for them has made her a better person-and completely and utterly opened her heart. Riotously funny and unexpectedly poignant, You Had Me at Woof recounts the hidden surprises, pleasures, and revelations of letting any mutt, beagle, terrier, or bulldog go charging through your world. Watch a Video
Saint Bernards Are the Best!
Author: Elaine Landau
Publisher: Lerner Publications
ISBN: 0761360808
Pages: 32
Year: 2011-01-01
View: 989
Read: 1186
An introduction to Saint Bernards, discussing their size, what they look like, their history, things to consider when thinking about getting a Saint Bernard, and how to get ready for a Saint Bernard to join the household.
Toscanini: Musician of Conscience
Author: Harvey Sachs
Publisher: Liveright Publishing
ISBN: 1631492721
Pages: 992
Year: 2017-06-27
View: 935
Read: 1151
On the 150th anniversary of his birth comes this monumental biography of Arturo Toscanini, whose dramatic life is unparalleled among twentieth-century musicians. It may be difficult to imagine today, but Arturo Toscanini—recognized widely as the most celebrated conductor of the twentieth century—was once one of the most famous people in the world. Like Einstein in science or Picasso in art, Toscanini (1867–1957) transcended his own field, becoming a figure of such renown that it was often impossible not to see some mention of the maestro in the daily headlines. Acclaimed music historian Harvey Sachs has long been fascinated with Toscanini’s extraordinary story. Drawn not only to his illustrious sixty-eight-year career but also to his countless expressions of political courage in an age of tyrants, and to a private existence torn between love of family and erotic restlessness, Sachs produced a biography of Toscanini in 1978. Yet as archives continued to open and Sachs was able to interview an ever-expanding list of relatives and associates, he came to realize that this remarkable life demanded a completely new work, and the result is Toscanini—an utterly absorbing story of a man who was incapable of separating his spectacular career from the call of his conscience. Famed for his fierce dedication but also for his explosive temper, Toscanini conducted the world premieres of many Italian operas, including Pagliacci, La Boheme, and Turandot, as well as the Italian premieres of works by Wagner, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, and Debussy. In time, as Sachs chronicles, he would dominate not only La Scala in his native Italy but also the Metropolitan Opera, the New York Philharmonic, and the NBC Symphony Orchestra. He also collaborated with dozens of star singers, among them Enrico Caruso and Feodor Chaliapin, as well as the great sopranos Rosina Storchio, Geraldine Farrar, and Lotte Lehmann, with whom he had affairs. While this consuming passion constantly blurred the distinction between professional and personal, it did forge within him a steadfast opposition to totalitarianism and a personal bravery that would make him a model for artists of conscience. As early as 1922, Toscanini refused to allow his La Scala orchestra to play the Fascist anthem, "Giovinezza," even when threatened by Mussolini’s goons. And when tens of thousands of desperate Jewish refugees poured into Palestine in the late 1930s, he journeyed there at his own expense to establish an orchestra comprised of refugee musicians, and his travels were followed like that of a king. Thanks to unprecedented access to family archives, Toscanini becomes not only the definitive biography of the conductor, but a work that soars in its exploration of musical genius and moral conscience, taking its place among the great musical biographies of our time.
The Book of the Bitch
Author: J. M. Evans, Kay White
Publisher: Interpet
ISBN: 1860540236
Pages: 232
Year: 1997
View: 1153
Read: 300
A complete guide to caring for bitches for the experienced breeder and the novice bitch owner
Tricks of the Trade
Author: Pat Hastings, Erin Ann Rouse
ISBN: 0967841437
Pages: 181
Year: 2005
View: 425
Read: 635
The book you've been waiting for, in its newly revised edition! Learn the "Tricks of the Trade" from Pat Hastings, popular seminar speaker and producer of the best-selling "Puppy Puzzle" video. From the whelping box to the group ring, at home and on the road, everyone who is involved in the sport of dogs can learn something from this book. If you are a breeder or exhibitor of show dogs, "Tricks of the Trade" will be a valuable resource for years to come.
Author: Newt Gingrich, William R. Forstchen, Albert S. Hanser
Publisher: Baen Books
ISBN: 0671876767
Pages: 382
Year: 1995
View: 1184
Read: 836
Portrays an alternate world in which Hitler has not made his fatal error in prematurely declaring war on the United States and America is the only significant miliary presence against a triumphant Third Reich and its devastating weapons. $75,000 ad/promo.
Everyone's an Author
Author: Andrea Lunsford, Michal Brody, Lisa Ede, Carole Clark Papper, Beverly Moss, Keith Walters
Publisher: W. W. Norton
ISBN: 0393938956
Pages: 108
Year: 2016-03-18
View: 324
Read: 462
Built on the keystones of rhetoric, Everyone's an Author provides a strong foundation for authoring in the digital age: in college essays, but also on Twitter; in print, but also online; with words, but also with sound, video, and images. It shows students that the rhetorical skills they already use in social media, in their home and religious communities, at work and in other nonacademic contexts are the same ones they'll need to succeed in college. Examples and readings drawn from across multiple media and dealing with topics that matter to students today make this a book that everyone who takes first-year writing will relate to.