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Kingdoms in Chaos: Whill of Agora Book 5
Author: Michael James Ploof
Publisher: Traveling Bard Publishing
Pages: 384
Year: 2015-08-13
View: 196
Read: 233
FROM USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR MICHAEL JAMES PLOOF Elven prophecy told of one who would defeat the dark lord… Whillhelm Warcrown has inherited a kingdom in chaos. His true love has no memory of him, his ward is trapped in the body of an ancient elf, and magic is lost. Mighty lords have claimed themselves kings of the north, dragons stir in the west, and a powerful necromancer is building an army of undead. Whill has inherited a kingdom in chaos, now he must fight to keep it. Dirk and Krentz have found themselves bound to a new bearer. The dwarf princess Raene now holds the timber wolf figurine. Hell bent on revenge, she drags Dirk, Krentz, and Chief along on a dangerous quest to stop the necromancer. Aurora Snowfell has been raised from death as an undead lich. Unable to resist the necromancer’s power, she travels north with Azzeal and the growing undead hordes, getting closer to the barbarian island of Volnoss with every step. Roakore has returned to his mountain kingdom and busied himself with the rebuilding. For six months Roakore has ignored his new abilities, but soon he will have to face the impossible truth. Kellallea remains silent to the elves. Avriel and Zerafin are forced to watch helplessly as their mother, and many of the elders fall deathly ill. The once powerful elves of Elladrindellia have found themselves mortal for the first time in untold millennia.
A Quest of Kings
Author: Michael James Ploof
Publisher: Traveling Bard Publishing
ISBN: 1482633582
Pages: 440
Year: 2015-03-19
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Read: 344
A Quest of Kings Whill of Agora Book 2 It has been six months since the reclamation of the Ro'Sar Mountains and the liberation of Isladon. The lands of Agora are plagued by the hordes of Draggard which poured from the mountains during the reclamation. Eadon's Draggard scourge ravishes the land, sending all nations into chaos, dividing the Kingdoms and their people.The Dark Elf Eadon himself sits upon the thrown of Uthen-Arden, impersonating the fallen King Addakon. As King, Eadon has wrought war, famine, and plague upon the Kingdom. As the Dwarves hole up in their mountains, protecting their borders and guarding their treasures, the elves remain silent to Agora's plight. The Sun Elf Zerafin has returned in shame to his people with his sister's comatose body, her soul a captive of Eadon. Roakore has become King of the Ro'Sar Mountains and freed his father's spirit, his clan has rebuilt the great Kingdom. Abram and Rhunis continue their search within the Uthen-Arden capital city of Del'Oradon, for any clue that Whill remains alive. A Quest of Kings plunges readers into a vast and in depth world of magic, monsters and mayhem, rich in history and culture, where Humans, Dwarves and Elves have managed to live in harmony for centuries. It is a tale of friendship, love, honor, and courage in the face of deception, power, darkness and war.
Champions of the Dragon
Author: Michael James Ploof
Publisher: Traveling Bard Publishing
Pages: 297
Year: 2017-01-17
View: 240
Read: 558
Murland Kadabra has always dreamed of becoming a great wizard. However, at age 19, the young apprentice has yet to successfully cast a single spell. He has been reduced to grounds keeper of Abra Tower, and has become the laughing stock of the wizarding school. But when the Most High Wizard Kazimir chooses him to be one of the five Champions of the Dragon, Murland’s life changes forever. He soon finds himself traveling through the wilds with four unlikely companions, including an alcoholic knight, a gay elf prince, a dwarf with humanism, and an obese ogre. Prophecy dictates that these champions must march west to the shadowy peak of Bad Mountain, where they are destined to do battle with the dreaded dragon of legend, Drak’Noir. But what few people know, is that the prophecy is not altogether true. For it is not five champions who Kazimir chooses, but five fools. They are not meant to defeat the dragon, but to feed her. To change their fate, the Champions of the Dragon must not only overcome their enemies, but also themselves. Champions of the Dragon, Book 1 of Epic Fallacy, is a satirical high-adventure romp through the Fantasy genre in the tradition of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. From USA Today Bestselling Author Michael James Ploof.
A Crown of War
Author: Michael James Ploof
Publisher: Traveling Bard Publishing
ISBN: 1497399017
Pages: 556
Year: 2015-03-19
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Read: 762
From USA Today bestselling author Michael James Ploof Eadon’s dark armies have descended upon Agora. Rifts within the kingdoms of humans, dwarves, and elves, have unleashed hordes of draggard and dark elves. Although The Other has destroyed the rifts, Whill and his friends are now trapped far across the ocean in Drindellia. Whill must find a way to overcome his alter ego, and ultimately, the Dark Elf Eadon. The ancient elf Kellallea claims that Whill need only hand over the power of Adromida to her, and Agora shall know peace. He has successfully united the races against the dark elves, but is it too late? Dirk Blackthorn has finally been reunited with his long lost Krentz, they are free of Eadon once and for all, free to live the life they choose. Dirk urges that they go far away from Agora, believing that Eadon will succeed. Krentz, however, has set her sights on thwarting her father’s plans. Roakore is far from his mountain kingdom of Ro’Sar, a kingdom he believes is in dire peril. As he and his companions fight to find a way back to Agora, Roakore struggles with the doubts planted by the Book of Ky’Dren. Soon he will discover something of such magnitude that it will change his life forever. Aurora Snowfell stands upon the brink. Torn by loyalty and the promise of power, she must choose between the future of her people and her very soul.
Author: Michael James Ploof
Publisher: Traveling Bard Publishing
ISBN: 149930756X
Pages: 237
Year: 2015-05-01
View: 1113
Read: 295
From USA Today bestselling author Michael James Ploof comes the epic debut of an exhilarating new fantasy adventure series. TALON: Book 1 of the Windwalker Archive follows the early years of a unique boy, a fifteen year old runt living on the barbarian island of Volnoss. Born premature during the frozen plaque that took his mother, shunned by his father, and raised by his grandmother, Talon has always felt like he doesn't belong. For years he dreams of growing big and strong like the giants that surround him. But as the day of measure draws near, he begins to realize that he will never be named a Vald, and will be cast to the village of the Skomm to live a life of slavery. Barely surviving the beating that follows his failure to meet the measure, Talon is banished to the village of misfits. There he finds friends in the most unlikely of places, and begins to hope he might find some happiness as a Skomm. As Talon tries to settle into his life in the slave village he is challenged at every turn. The Vaka overseers have it in for him, as does the Chiefson of Timber Wolf Tribe. The Kelda Agaeti is drawing near, called by the Skomm the night of dying, when seven warriors from neighboring tribes win the right to go on a bloody rampage through the village. After barely surviving a random attack by drunken Vald that left nearly a dozen dead, Talon and his friends decide that they must somehow escape the island. For Chiefson Fylkin has vowed to kill him first on the night of dying. What follows is a fast-paced race against time, an underdog story wrought with action and adventure, rich with magic, culture, friendship and lore.
Whill of Agora 2nd Edition
Author: Michael Ploof
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1515334848
Pages: 558
Year: 2015-08-02
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From USA TODAY bestselling author Michael James Ploof Every so often, an epic adventure emerges that makes the blood surge, the spine tingle, and the heart smile page after exhilarating page. Such is Whill of Agora, Michael James Ploof's action-packed fantasy that visits strange new lands as it unveils how one exceptional young man named Whill makes full use of fierce wits, superior skills, and relentless will to help defend the land of Agora from the monstrous Draggard. With plenty of drama and action packed battle scenes, Whill of Agora will enthrall anyone on the quest for great adventure, good times, and an infectiously optimistic outlook on even the darkest and most dangerous of days. It is the year 5170 in the land Agora, where humans, dwarves, and elves have existed in peace for centuries. Now, however, the human King Addakon has invaded and waged war on neighboring Isladon. The once peaceful Kingdoms of Agora are on the brink of continental war. The Dark Elf Eadon, and his army of Dragon-Elf crossbreeds, the Draggard, threaten to conquer all kingdoms. Enter young Whill, a nineteen-year-old ranger with battle savvy and untapped abilities. Having spent years roaming Agora and training with his mentor Abram, Whill has become a bright intellectual and a master of combat. What he seeks most, however, is the identity of his birth parents. Instead, he finds a tumultuous terrain and a prophecy placing him in the center of the struggle. Along the way, Whill encounters an equally inspired group of companions that are matched in skill and mission. These include Rhunis the Dragon Slayer, the young Tarren, the fearless Dwarf Roakore, the beguiling warrior Elf Avriel, and the powerful Zerafin. As Whill joins forces, he forges bonds far mightier than their escalating travails. With high adventure and fierce friendship, Whill of Agora will capture your imagination and grip your heart during every super-charged escapade that Agora's bold and grinning brotherhood embraces.
Author: Michael James Ploof
Publisher: Michael Ploof
ISBN: 1500862339
Pages: 364
Year: 2015-05-01
View: 397
Read: 577
A new series from the USA TODAY Bestselling author of Whill of Agora. In his first week as a wizard, Orion Rezner faces demons, witches, possessed mothers, and road warriors. Thank god beer survived the Apocalypse. Seven years have passed since the Culling of 2033 which killed most of the world's population. Vampires, werewolves, and demons have begun to emerge from the shadows, and they are hungry. Boston, one of the last vestiges of humanity, is protected by a spell shield created by the Wizard Council. The shield is the only thing keeping the city safe. Having studied the Craft for two years at Harvard Witchcraft and Wizardry, Orion Rezner embarks on his final rite of passage. But his first mission outside the city walls forces him to make choices he wasn’t prepared for. Narrowly avoiding possession by an ancient demon, he learns of a plot to destroy the spell shield and expose its survivors to the horrors outside. Suspected by the wizard council of having been compromised by the encounter, Orion is unable to convince them of the danger. With the help of his closest friends, Orion sets out on a desperate quest to thwart the demon's plan any way he can. Following is the official review of "Afterworld" by Michael James Ploof. Afterworld: The Orion Rezner Chronicles, Book 1, by Michael James Ploof, is a Science Fiction novel which takes place in a post-Apocalyptic world. The populace has been severely diminished by a deadly virus, and life as the world knew it has changed. Ploof does a great job of bringing the characters to life for his audience. This book is an action packed novel full of popular characters such as Wizards, Witches, Demons, Sub/Super-humans, and other beings. It is evident the author’s target audience are young adults whom I believe will certainly identify with his style of writing. Ploof’s imagination takes the reader along for a very adventurous ride. His cast of characters are colorful and all possess their own individual quirks (e.g. the main character, a wacky apprentice Wizard, has a sidekick chimpanzee named Dude, and the ghost of Benjamin Franklin follows him around). Everyone lends a healthy dose of comic relief to this story. In addition to the laughs, and nail biting suspense, heroism reigns supreme here. It is evident in this story the author enjoys and believes in what he writes. The author employs a strong use of Hyperbole (e.g. “For the two years of my apprenticeship he was colder than a Russian winter and less forgiving than a cheap vodka hangover.”). I found these phrases thoroughly entertaining. In addition, they helped keep the storyline light and endeared you to the characters even more. Ploofs’s humor and wit are refreshing. Afterworld takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of emotion (fear, joy, horror, hope, etc.). Ploof’s cast of youthful heroes and heroines are lovable and quick witted. I found myself rooting for the heroes and heckling the villainous monsters. You will find these characters are people you can identify with. Granted, this is a fictional story, but I still felt a kinship to the main characters and their noble sense of right and wrong. Science Fiction is one of my favorite genres. I feel the author has a great feel for it, and is certainly gearing up to be a force in this field. I rated this book 4 out of 4 stars. Even though I think the author’s target audience is a younger generation than I, it was still an enjoyable read for me. The story has its fair share of fun, surprise twists and humor. I thoroughly enjoyed Benjamin Franklin’s quotes throughout the book. Ploof’s use of the inventor’s quotes lend strength to Afterworld’s humor in its timing. After reading this book, I would gladly add this author to my list of must read Science Fiction/ Fantasy literature in the future.
Dragon Legends
Author: Ava Richardson
ISBN: 1530485991
Pages: 340
Year: 2016-04-03
View: 1143
Read: 1240
Ever since scruffy Sebastian Smith and Lady Thea Flamma were paired as Dragon Riders, their lives have been forever changed. The unlikely duo forged an unbreakable bond, but now with dark stirrings in the south their bond will be put to the ultimate test. Seb discovers Lord Vincent has returned and he wants to unleash an ancient evil that will destroy the lives of everyone in the kingdom - The Darkening. In order to defend the realm against unspeakable foes, Seb, Thea, and their shared dragon, Kalax, set out on an arduous journey to find the sacred Dragon Stones - before their dark power ends up in the wrong hands. But to conquer an old enemy, Thea must find a way to overcome her own inner demons, and Seb has to muster the courage to become the brave leader his kingdom needs . . .
Child of Evil
Author: J. Drew Brumbaugh
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1546810617
Pages: 378
Year: 2017-07-05
View: 884
Read: 1120
The epic fantasy continues as Gant and some of his friends must battle to reach a demonic city to save the world from destruction. The lands west of the Monolith Mountains are controlled by a pair of contentious demons. As long as the two demons fight with each other the men of the east are safe. But now a child will be born who can unite the evil factions and set them on a path of conquest and destruction. Thanks to a warning Gant and his friends are given a chance to prevent the catastrophe. And now they have to deal with a moral dilemma, can they kill the child? One way or another they need to do something.
The Sock Gnome Chronicles
Author: Michael James Ploof, Trevor Smith
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1479157120
Pages: 46
Year: 2012-11-01
View: 492
Read: 323
Have you ever wondered what happens to that one missing sock of a pair? If you have ever been folding laundry and come up with lone socks, then you may have Sock Gnomes living in your home. Billy Coatbutton is one such Gnome. It is the day of Billy's first test of mastery, a test to see if he will become a treasure hunter like his father. Billy has studied, practiced and prepared for this day for years. Like all Gnomes that have come of age, Billy will soon spin the Wheel of Destiny and discover which item it is that he must find to become a treasure hunter within Sockefeller castle. Along the way he meets an old recluse Sock Gnome named Helix BonsaiTree, who has more than a little to say about the practices of the greedy Sockefellers, and helps Billy to chose the right path. During his dangerous quest Billy must overcome a vicious rat, a hungry cat, and many other obstacles, all without the help or protection of Gnomeland Sockurity. He is determined to pass his test of mastery on the first try, a feat accomplished by only one other Sock Gnome, his father. Billy will face many decisions, the greatest of all will leave the life of a human child hanging in the balance.
The Dragon's Blade
Author: Michael R. Miller
ISBN: 191107976X
Pages: 450
Year: 2017-02-10
View: 937
Read: 1097
Rectar has always had his sights set on conquering the human lands. His demonic invasion of the west is gaining momentum - an unrelenting horde unhindered by food or sleep. Now, only the undermanned Splintering Isles lie between the demons and the human kingdom of Brevia. If the islands fall, the rest of Tenalp will soon follow. The Three Races must work together if they are to survive, but they have another problem - Castallan. The traitorous wizard has raised a deadly rebellion and declared himself King of Humans. He believes himself safe in the bowels of his impenetrable Bastion fortress, but Darnuir, now King of Dragons, intends to break those walls at all costs. To face these threats, all dragons, humans and fairies must truly unite; yet old prejudices may undermine Darnuir's efforts once again. And as the true intentions of all are revealed, so too is a secret that may change the entire world.
The Fragment of Water
Author: Ben Hale
ISBN: 1945580135
Year: 2018-08-10
View: 1180
Read: 185

Space for Science
Author: Simon Schwartzman
Publisher: Penn State Press
ISBN: 0271041579
Year: 2010-11-01
View: 909
Read: 1215

Dragons Rioting
Author: Tsuyoshi Watanabe
Publisher: Yen Press LLC
ISBN: 0316479039
Pages: 192
Year: 2017-12-19
View: 959
Read: 1303
Rintaro and the other Dragons of Nangokuren fight to save their school! Saizo and his forces are in trouble, but desperation makes for a dangerous enemy. Can Asuna use her extensive training from Rintaro to overcome the final opponent? And could Rintaro finally learn the secret to vanquishing his greatest enemy-his lethal erection? It all ends here in this final volume of Dragons Rioting!
Dragon Blade
Author: Andre Norton, Sasha Miller
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0765346605
Pages: 336
Year: 2006-11-28
View: 198
Read: 863
Hoping to settle down to a peaceful life with her family after the defeat of an evil force, Ashen Nordorn, Queen of the Land of Ever Snow, learns that the Mother Ice Dragon is once again threatening the world and can only be killed by a long-missing ancient sword. By the author of To the King a Daughter. Reprint.