Legends Of The Dark Knight Norm Breyfogle Vol 2 Batman Book PDF, EPUB Download & Read Online Free

Legends of the Dark Knight: Norm Breyfogle
Author: Various
ISBN: 1401285120
Pages: 456
Year: 2018-11-27
View: 645
Read: 1239
A collection of the Detective Comics works of acclaimed artist Norm Breyfogle and writer Alan Grant, now presented in hardcover for the first time! This volume of the LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT series focuses on the DETECTIVE COMICS stories from acclaimed artist Norm Breyfogle and writer Alan Grant, featuring appearances by The Joker, Anarky, the Penguin, Scarface, the Ventriloquist and more. These hard-to-find tales are a must for any Batman fan of the 1980s! This volume collects BATMAN ANNUAL #11-12 and DETECTIVE COMICS #579, #582-594, #601-607.
Batman the Dark Knight Detective
ISBN: 140128468X
Pages: 280
Year: 2018
View: 634
Read: 381
"In these stories that immediately followed BATMAN: YEAR ONE, the Caped Crusader learns what kind of compromises he must make to be the hero that Gotham City truly needs. As he battles against the deadly Reaper, the city's first vigilante hero, Batman must work with the man who murdered his parents and a cadre of mob bosses to protect Gotham City."--
Tales of the Batman: Don Newton
Author: Dennis O'Neil, Cary Burkett, Michael Fleisher, Gerry Conway, Bob Rozakis, Marv Wolfman, Martin Pasko
Publisher: DC Comics
ISBN: 1401243665
Pages: 357
Year: 2017-04-25
View: 468
Read: 1137
For the first time, DC Comics collects the moody Batman stories drawn by comics legend Don Newton! In these tales, Batman revisits the site of his origin story in 'The Curse of Crime Alley,' takes on Maxie Zeus, a crime lord who believes himself to be a god, and wages an epic war on the League of Assassins.
Legends of the Dark Knight: Jim Aparo
Author: Jim Aparo
ISBN: 1401271618
Pages: 520
Year: 2017-08-29
View: 1284
Read: 561
Jim Aparo was one of the premier Batman artists of the 1970s, working primarily on the Batman team-up title THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD. Now, DC collects Aparo's run on the series in hardcover for the first time from the beginning. Aparo portrayed Batman as a detective who operated in shadow, yet captured the action and thrills of the Caped Crusader. In these stories, the Caped Crusader crosses paths with The Flash, Metamorpho, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Green Arrow, Swamp Thing, the Joker and many more. Collects BRAVE AND THE BOLD #151, #154-155, #157-162, #168-170, #173-182, #184-189, #191.
Author: Marshall Rogers, Steve Engelhart
Publisher: Titan Books
ISBN: 0857688235
Pages: 496
Year: 2011
View: 1105
Read: 764
This volume collects the Batman stories illustrated by Marshall Rogers, whose work helped redefine The Dark Knight as a more human hero.
Batman: The Dark Knight Detective Vol. 1
Author: Mike W. Barr
Publisher: DC Comics
ISBN: 1401287522
Pages: 304
Year: 2018-04-10
View: 1313
Read: 971
The Joker comes back to Gotham City with a plot to kidnap Selina KyleÑBruce WayneÕs girlfriendÑand restore her to her true selfÉCatwoman! The revitalized femme fatale is just the beginning of the rogues returning to plague Batman and Robin; on her heels follow the Scarecrow, the Mad Hatter and Two-Face. Writer Mike W. Barr (Batman and the Outsiders) and the dynamic art duo of Alan Davis (Justice League of America: The Nail) and Paul Neary (The Authority) present Batman: The Dark Knight Detective Vol. 1. Collects Detective Comics #568-574 and #579-582! DonÕt miss out on the companion series, Batman: The Caped Crusader.
Tales of the Batman
Author: Gene Colan
Publisher: Titan Publishing Company
ISBN: 0857684620
Pages: 288
Year: 2011-10-01
View: 996
Read: 324
Known for his moody, shadowy illustrations, Gene Colan was a natural fit as artist on Batman. His run of stories in the pages of both Batman and Detective Comics included appearances by some of Batman's greatest foes, including Man-Bat, The Monk, Rupert Thorne and more.
Legends of the Dark Knight: Jim Aparo Vol. 2
Author: Bob Haney
Publisher: DC Comics
ISBN: 1401248659
Pages: 510
Year: 2017-04-18
View: 524
Read: 1259
Jim Aparo was one of the premier Batman artists of the 1970s, working primarily on the Batman team-up title THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD. Now, DC collects Aparo's run on the series in hardcover for the first time from the beginning. Aparo portrayed Batman as a detective who operated in shadow, yet captured the action and thrills of the Caped Crusader.These stories feature appearances by numerous DC heroes (and villains) including Plastic Man, Metamorpho, Sgt. Rock, The Flash, Aquaman, Mister Miracle, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Deadman, Green Lantern, the Metal Men, Hawkman, The Phantom Stranger, Supergirl, the Teen TitansÑand Jim Aparo himself! Collects THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #123-136 and 138-151.
Tales of the Batman
Author: Len Wein, Jim Aparo
Publisher: Dc Comics
ISBN: 1401251544
Pages: 631
Year: 2014-12
View: 460
Read: 672
These tales from the 1970s are written by Len Wein, co-creator of Swamp Thing and Wolverine and writer of BEFORE WATCHMEN: OZYMANDIAS. In this new hardcover, Batman battles the villainy of The Joker, The Riddler, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Ra's al Ghul and many others. Collects Detective Comics #408, #444-448, #466, #478-479, #500, #514, Batman #307-310, #312-319, #321-324, #326-327, World's Finest Comics #207, DC Retroactive Batman - The 70s, Untold Legends of the Batman #1-3, Batman Black and White #5.
Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams
Author: Neal Adams
Publisher: Dc Comics
ISBN: 1401240755
Pages: 280
Year: 2013
View: 242
Read: 496
Batman confronts his nemesis Ra's al Ghul, who asks for the great detective's help when his daughter Talia is kidnapped.
Elseworlds: Batman Vol. 3
Author: Doug Moench, Max Allan Collins, Mike Grell, Bob Layton
Publisher: DC Comics
ISBN: 1401290760
Pages: 328
Year: 2018-06-19
View: 1230
Read: 588
In Elseworlds, heroes are taken from their usual settings and put into strange times and placesÑsome that have existed, or might have existed, and others that canÕt, couldnÕt or shouldnÕt exist. The result: stories that make characters who are as familiar as yesterday seem as fresh as tomorrow. Featuring tales of Batman and Eliot Ness taking on Al Capone, a future league of Batmen protecting the night with an iron fist, a mysterious knight defending Camelot as an armor-clad Bat and a 19th-century Batman entwined in an operatic tale of love, horror and obsession. Now, for the first time, BatmanÕs Elseworlds tales are featured in a new graphic novel collection. Collects Batman: Brotherhood of the Bat, Batman: Dark Knight of the Round Table #1-2, Batman: KnightGallery, Batman: Masque and Batman: Scar of the Bat!
Tales of the Batman: Gerry Conway
Author: Gerry Conway
Publisher: DC Comics
ISBN: 1401279422
Pages: 464
Year: 2017-07-18
View: 957
Read: 314
"From legendary comics writer Gerry Conway with illustrattions by fan-favorite artists including Jim Aparo, Carmine Infantino, Jos_ Luis GarcÕa-LÑpez and Don Newton, and featuring guest appearances by Superman, Green Lantern, and the whole Bat-family, these classic tales showcase one of the greatest talents ever to write for the Caped Crusader in TALES OF THE BATMAN: GERRY CONWAY. From the time his first story was published in 1969, GERRY CONWAGerry ConwaYy became one of the most prolific and highly regarded comics writers of the era. He wrote for nearly every character being published at the time, and his original creations„including Firestorm, Steel and Vixen„changed comics history forever. ConwayÍs work had a profound affect on the legacy of Batman, with his creations Killer Croc and Jason Todd becoming mainstays in the legend of the Dark Knight. Collects DETECTIVE COMICS 463, 464, 497-499, 501-504, THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD 158, 161, 171-174, BATMAN 295, 305, 306, BATMAN FAMILY 17, MAN-BAT 1 and , WORLDÍS FINEST COMICS 250, 269."
Author: Jeff Parker, Christos Gage, Michael Avon Oeming
Publisher: Dc Comics
ISBN: 1401246001
Pages: 168
Year: 2014
View: 1023
Read: 543
The new, original adventures of Batman from the acclaimed digital-first series by an all-star lineup of comics' finest talents. Discover startling sides of The Dark Knight that span his earliest days in the cowl and his never-ending battles against Gotham's greatest enemies, including the Joker and Two-Face! --Cover, page 4.
Caped Crusader
Author: Jim Starlin
ISBN: 1401281362
Pages: 320
Year: 2018-08
View: 479
Read: 908
A new collection featuring the legendary 1980s Batman epics "Ten Nights of the Beast" and "A Death in the Family", never before collected! This new collection of 1980s Batman tales includes the legendary story "A Death in the Family," in which the Joker ends up killing the secon Robin, Jason Todd. It all begins with the story "Ten Nights of the Beast," which introduced the deadly post-Soviet villain known as the KGBeast. Following that, a series of stories concerning organized crime in the streets of Gotham City leads into "A Death in the Family," in which Robin follows a trail to find his birth mother, who is in cahoots with the Joker. Collects BATMAN #417-430 and BATMAN ANNUAL #12.
Tales of the Batman
Author: Archie Goodwin
Publisher: Dc Comics
ISBN: 1401238297
Pages: 472
Year: 2013
View: 171
Read: 272
Collects comics by one of the most legendary writers in the history of the Dark Knight, featuring stories with the "caped crusader" battling such enemies as Manhunter, Two-Face, and Talia Al Ghul.