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Confessions of Saint Augustine
Author: Frank J. Sheed
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 0567110052
Pages: 224
Year: 1944-01-01
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Sheed's classic translation of Augustine's Confessions. True to the original, and in a subtle and dignified English translation, let this be a cornerstone of your library.
The confessions of S. Augustine
Pages: 248
Year: 1864
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The Confessions of St. Augustine
Author: St. St. Augustine
ISBN: 152087037X
Pages: 214
Year: 2017-03-23
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How is this book unique? Font adjustments & biography included Unabridged (100% Original content) Illustrated About The Confessions of St. Augustine by St. Augustine Confessions (Latin: Confessiones) is the name of an autobiographical work, consisting of 13 books, by St. Augustine of Hippo, written in Latin between AD 397 and 400. Modern English translations of it are sometimes published under the title The Confessions of St. Augustine in order to distinguish the book from other books with similar titles. Its original title was Confessions in Thirteen Books, and it was composed to be read out loud with each book being a complete unit. It is generally considered one of Augustine's most important texts.
French Vernacular Books / Livres vernaculaires français (FB) (2 vols.)
Author: Andrew Pettegree, Malcolm Walsby, Alexander Wilkinson
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9047422449
Pages: 1644
Year: 2007-11-02
View: 1038
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A complete short-title catalogue of all books published in the French language before 1601. Based on twelve years of investigations in libraries in France and other countries, FB lists over 52,000 bibliographically distinct items in over 1,600 different libraries.
Physics and Philosophy of Nature in Greek Neoplatonism
Author: Riccardo Chiaradonna, Franco Trabattoni
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9047427262
Pages: 328
Year: 2009-03-25
View: 449
Read: 863
The articles in this volume concentrate on Neoplatonic philosophy of nature from Plotinus to Simplicius, and on its main conceptual features and its relation to the previous philosophical and scientific traditions. The papers were presented at a conference sponsored by the European Science Foundation in Castelvecchio Pascoli in June 2006. This volume makes an important contribution to the understanding of Greek Neoplatonism and its historical significance.
The Confessions of S. Augustine
Author: Saint Augustine (Bishop of Hippo.)
Pages: 363
Year: 1840
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Dictionnaire de bibliographie catholique, 3
Author: François Pérennès
Year: 1839
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Histoire intellectuelle de l'Occident médiéval
Author: Jacques Paul
Publisher: Armand Colin
ISBN: 2200270461
Pages: 432
Year: 2014-04-01
View: 780
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De la fin de l'Antiquité jusqu'à la Renaissance, ce manuel présente l'histoire de la culture littéraire et théologique, de la pensée juridique, savante et philosophique, de la chronologie et de la géographie de la culture, mais aussi de sa diffusion, entre autres à travers les universités et les écoles.
Author: Aurelius Augustinus
Year: 1955
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The Look of Van Dyck
Author: John Peacock
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351542869
Pages: 324
Year: 2017-07-05
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Based on a close study of Van Dyck's Self-portrait with a Sunflower, this book examines the picture's context in the symbolic discourses of the period and in the artist's oeuvre. The portrait is interpreted as a programmatic statement, made in the ambience of the Caroline court after Van Dyck's appointment as 'Principal Painter', of his view of the art of painting. This statement, formulated in appropriately visual terms, characterizes painting as a way of looking and seeing, a mode of vision. In making such a claim, the artist steps aside from the familiar debate about whether painting was a manual or an intellectual discipline, and moves beyond any idea of it as simply a means of representing the external world: the painter's definitive faculty of vision can reach further than those realities which present themselves to the eye. John Peacock analyses the motif of looking - the ways in which figures regard or disregard each other - throughout Van Dyck's work, and the images of the sunflower and the gold chain in this particular portrait, to reveal what is essentially an idealist conception of pictorial art. He contradicts previous opinions that the artist was pedestrian in his thinking, by showing him to be familiar with a range of ideas current in contemporary Europe about painting and the role of the painter.
Author: Augustyn ((św. ;)
Pages: 411
Year: 1926
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A Short Title Catalogue of French Books, 1601-1700
Author: British Museum. Dept. of Printed Books, Valentine Fernande Goldsmith
Publisher: Dawsons of Pall Mall
Pages: 690
Year: 1969
View: 1047
Read: 1207

Les Livres disponibles
Year: 2003
View: 692
Read: 1099
La liste exhaustive des ouvrages disponibles publiés en langue française dans le monde. La liste des éditeurs et la liste des collections de langue française.
National Union Catalog
Year: 1973
View: 510
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Includes entries for maps and atlases.
Author: Augustin ((saint ;)
Pages: 411
Year: 1954
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