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Leviathan. La trilogia
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Publisher: Giulio Einaudi Editore
ISBN: 8858407091
Pages: 1064
Year: 2012-12-04
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La guerra sta per iniziare: sei Cigolante o Darwinista? Hai un'intera trilogia per decidere: ° Leviathan ° Behemoth ° Goliath *** «Dopo la morte dei suoi, l'intero mondo era ammattito, come se la sua tragedia familiare avesse rotto la storia stessa. Ma a Istanbul era come se le cose avessero cominciato a tornare a posto. La rivoluzione del Comitato, l'arrivo di Dylan con il behemoth al seguito, tutto sembrava indicare che stava a lui porre fine alla guerra, riportare l'ordine. Per la prima volta nella sua vita, Alex aveva sentito una certa sicurezza in tutto ciò che faceva, come se fosse la provvidenza a guidarlo. Ma ora il mondo stava tornando a soqquadro...» Scott Westerfeld, Leviathan. La trilogia
Scott Westerfeld: Leviathan Trilogy
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1442443928
Pages: 1504
Year: 2011-10-04
View: 274
Read: 1012
All three books in Scott Westerfeld's around-the-world, steampunk, adventure trilogy, now collected together in one ebook bundle!
Author: Scott Westerfeld, Keith Thompson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1416971785
Pages: 576
Year: 2012-08-21
View: 1202
Read: 1232
Alek and Deryn encounter obstacles on the last leg of their round-the-world quest to end World War I, reclaim Alek's throne as prince of Austria, and finally fall in love.
The Manual of Aeronautics
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1442454121
Pages: 64
Year: 2012-08-21
View: 803
Read: 648
A lavishly illustrated, full-color companion to Scott Westerfeld’s New York Times bestselling Leviathan trilogy. A must-have for any fan of Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan trilogy, The Manual of Aeronautics is an illustrated guide to the inner workings of the Darwinist and Clanker powers. Loaded with detailed descriptions and elaborate, four-color illustrations of Darwinist beasties and Clanker walkers, weapons, transport, and uniforms, this manual highlights the international powers that Deryn and Alek encounter throughout their around-the-world adventures. This guide draws back the curtain and reveals the inner depths of Westerfeld’s fascinating alternative world.
The Second Coming
Author: John Niven
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1409028321
Pages: 384
Year: 2011-04-07
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God takes a look at the Earth around the time of the Renaissance and everything looks pretty good – so he takes a holiday. In Heaven-time this is just a week’s fishing trip, but on Earth several hundred years go by. When God returns, he finds all hell has broken loose: world wars, holocausts, famine, capitalism and ‘fucking Christians everywhere’. There’s only one thing for it. They’re sending the kid back. JC, reborn, is a struggling musician in New York City, trying to teach the one true commandment: Be Nice! His best chance to win hearts and minds is to enter American Pop Star. But the number one show in America is the unholy creation of a record executive who’s more than a match for the Son of God ... Steven Stelfox.
Essentials of Management
Author: Andrew DuBrin
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 0538478233
Pages: 720
Year: 2011-01-03
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Focus on the fundamental principles and practices of effective management today with DuBrin’s comprehensive, yet concise, ESSENTIALS OF MANAGEMENT, 9E. This brief but thorough new edition functions both as a solid introduction for new students or an in-depth review of core concepts and the latest research and applications for working professionals. Written from the first edition as an essentials text, this book is not a condensation of a larger text, but provides concise, complete coverage that clearly translates the latest research, theories, and management experiences into actual practice. The author’s proven functional approach introduces the role of a manager and today’s managerial environment before exploring critical topics in planning, organizing, leading, and control. This edition addresses emerging issues, such as sustainability and environmental concerns, management in difficult times, employee morale, diverse workforces, and teamwork. New coverage of ethics, personal productivity, the latest information technology, and decision making are also included. Compelling, memorable examples show how leaders effectively apply principles of management in a wide variety of business settings. New action features, new online skill builders, new cases and video cases work with proven exercises and self-assessment quizzes to help readers develop the managerial, interpersonal, and technical skills necessary for outstanding career success. Help your students acquire the knowledge and skills to manage, lead, and successfully compete in today’s rapidly changing business environment with DuBrin’s ESSENTIALS OF MANAGEMENT, 9E. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
Evolution's Darling
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Publisher: Running PressBook Pub
ISBN: 1568581491
Pages: 290
Year: 1999
View: 934
Read: 512
Darling, an astronavigational control unit, wants to know if a clone has a soul. Two hundred years and one artificial body later, he is off in search of a dead artist, a living artwork, and the forces behind a mystery that spans the universe.
Curious Notions
Author: Harry Turtledove
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1429915064
Pages: 272
Year: 2004-10-07
View: 458
Read: 1178
In a parallel-world 21st-century San Francisco where the Kaiser's Germany won World War One and went on to dominate the world, Paul Gomes and his father Lawrence are secret agents for our timeline, posing as traders from a foreign land. They run a storefront shop called Curious Notions, selling what is in our world routine consumer technology-record players, radios, cassette decks--all of which is better than anything in this world, but only by a bit. Their real job is to obtain raw materials for our timeline. Just as importantly, they must guard the secret of Crosstime Traffic--for of the millions of parallel timelines, this is one of the few advanced enough to use that secret against us. Now, however, the German occupation police are harrassing them. They want to know where they're getting their mysterious goods. Under pressure, Paul and Lawrence hint that their supplies comes from San Francisco's Chinese...setting in motion a chain of intrigues that will put the entire enterprise of Crosstime Traffic at deadly risk. Curious Notions is the second book in Harry Turtledove's Crosstime Traffic series At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
The Works of Dante Alighieri
Publisher: Douglas Editions
View: 1218
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Colombia Urbanization Review
Author: Taimur Samad, Nancy Lozano-Gracia, Alexandra Panman
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 0821395246
Pages: 254
Year: 2012-11-15
View: 477
Read: 432
This book provides diagnostic tools to inform policy dialogue and investment priorities on urbanization in Colombia, addresssing the need to deepen economic connectivity, enhance coordination at a regional and metropolitan scale, and foster efficiency and innovativeness in how cities finance themselves.
Rulers of the Darkness
Author: Harry Turtledove
Publisher: Tor Books
ISBN: 1429915005
Pages: 656
Year: 2002-03-20
View: 1115
Read: 326
Beginning with Into the Darkness, Darkness Descending, and Through the Darkness, bestselling author Harry Turtledove ("The master of alternative history"-Publishers Weekly) has been telling an epic tale: the story of a world war, comparable to the terrible world wars of our own 20th century, in a world where magic works. Imagine the drama and terror of the Second World War-only the bullets are beams of magical fire, the tanks are great lumbering beasts, and fighters and bombers are dragons raining fire upon their targets. Welcome to the world of the Derlavaian War, a world that is slowly but surely being conquered, mile by bloody mile, by the forces of the Algarvian empire . . . forces whose most terrible battle magics are powered by the slaughter of innocent people, the Kaunians, whom Algarve-like much of the world-holds in disdain. In Rulers of the Darkness, the fourth volume of the series which began with Into the Darkness, the war for the continent of Derlavai builds toward its crescendo as the mages of Kuusamo, aided by their former rivals from Lagoas, work desperately to create a newer form of magic that will change the course of the war. But this is really a story of ordinary people-on all sides of the conflict-forced by fate to rise to their heroic limits . . . or sink to the level of their darker natures. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Jaws of Darkness
Author: Harry Turtledove
Publisher: Tor Books
ISBN: 1429915021
Pages: 576
Year: 2010-04-01
View: 762
Read: 500
Harry Turtledove's masterful story of a magical world's cataclysmic war-which began with Into the Darkness, Darkness Descending, Through the Darkness, and Rulers of the Darkness-continues in this, the fifth volume of the series: Jaws of Darkness. The grand conflict for control of the continent of Derlavai rages on, in a battle with all the drama and terror of the Second World War-only the bullets are beams of magical fire, the tanks and submarines are great lumbering beasts, and the fighters and bombers are dragons raining fire upon their targets. Yet hope may be dawning at last. The terrible onslaught of the conquering forces of Algarve-who power their battle magics with the life energy of their murdered victims-begins to founder as it runs into Habbakuk: a sorcerous ship of ice used by embattled nations of Lagoas and Kuusamo to ferry their deadly dragons across the seas to strike at the very heart of Algarvian power. But though the tide has begun to turn, the conflict is far from over. The widely disdained Kaunians still struggle desperately to escape as the Algarvians kill them by the thousands-for life energy, but also simply for the crime of being Kaunian. And as the deaths of innocent civilians on both sides continue to feed the flames of war, those who have struggled to survive and preserve their freedom have only their passions to see them through. . . . At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Michel, Michel
Author: Robert Lewis
Pages: 702
Year: 1968
View: 613
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Cruise Killer
Author: Ken Rossignol, Misti Wolanski
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1495434664
Pages: 148
Year: 2013-02-26
View: 1250
Read: 717
Eleven Deadly Days in the Caribbean Join Marsha & Danny Jones as they face the greatest threat yet to the Sea Empress and her passengers on a wonderful cruise to the Caribbean – with a serial killer on board! A fascinating group of people have joined the cruise to the warm and sunny islands, from famous authors to stalking reviewers, a country music legend and a top FBI agent sent to help track down a killer. Danger lurks every day as the body count begins. When will it all end? Only The Shadow knows for sure!
The Reminder
Author: Feist
Publisher: Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
ISBN: 1423455207
Pages: 80
Year: 2008-04-01
View: 945
Read: 1025
For voice and piano with chord symbols and guitar chord diagrams.