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Cases on Educational Technology Planning, Design, and Implementation: A Project Management Perspective
Author: Benson, Angela D.
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1466642386
Pages: 435
Year: 2013-06-30
View: 1333
Read: 735
Whether utilizing electronic tools for K-12 classrooms, learning management systems in higher education institutions, or training and performance improvement for business organizations, technology maintains an important aspect in the delivery of education and training in both school and non-school settings. Cases on Educational Technology Planning, Design, and Implementation: A Project Management Perspective provides strategies for addressing the challenges and pitfalls faced when planning, designing, and implementing learning and educational technology projects. The case studies in this publication aim to provide instructors, practitioners in K-12 and higher education, business managers as well as students interested in implementing education technology projects.
Design Management
Author: Peter Gorb
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold Company
Pages: 184
Year: 1990
View: 1240
Read: 213

Engineering Decision Making and Risk Management
Author: Jeffrey W. Herrmann
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118919335
Pages: 360
Year: 2015-01-27
View: 309
Read: 896
This book details decision analysis techniques with applications in engineering design and management and also analyzes decision making and risk management processes to better understand and improve decision making systems. Most books on decision analysis fall into two categories: those that are straightforward management decision making texts that that do not delve into more sophisticated techniques and concepts and those that emphasize the theoretical and analytical aspects, but do not discuss other perspectives on decision making. As such, this is the first book to present multiple perspectives on decision making without being too theoretical, all in effort to be useful to current and future engineers. The book presents three varied perspectives on decision making: problem-solving; the decision making process; and decision making systems. Practical examples and applications are plentiful and illustrate how to model and improve decision making systems. The mathematical rigor is kept to a minimum and is only used when comparing and contrasting different techniques. Extensive instructor resources are available, including worked solutions to all exercises, daily lesson plans for lectures, in-class activities, and sample assignments and exams. Topical coverage includes: an introduction to engineering decision making; decision making fundamentals; multi-criteria decision making; group decision making; decision making under uncertainty; game theory; decision making processes; the value of information; risk management; decision making systems; and modeling and improving decision making systems.
Perspectives and Techniques for Improving Information Technology Project Management
Author: Wang, John
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1466628014
Pages: 360
Year: 2013-01-31
View: 1311
Read: 1089
Perspectives and Techniques for Improving Information Technology Project Management discusses the variety of information systems and how it can improve project management and, likewise, how project management can affect the growth of information systems. Using new frameworks, technologies and methods, this comprehensive collection is useful for professionals, researchers and software developers interested in learning more on this emerging field.
Perpetual Business Machines
Author: Eric T-S. Pan
Publisher: Meridian Deployment Corporation
ISBN: 0975448005
Pages: 363
Year: 2005
View: 876
Read: 286
"Perpetual Business Machines is a business manual written especially for technical professionals striving to operate in the new economy: a global economic environment marked by knowledge, convergence of technologies, and free markets. Written by the president of Meridian Deployment Corporation in Silicon Valley, Perpetual Business Machines channels the author's personal experience in the high-tech industry during all phases of business cycles. Chapters address the key principles of profit-making, market analysis, product management, business procedure, troubleshooting, and more. Presenting its ideas enumerated point-by-point, Perpetual Business Machines is a "must-have" for anyone in the technology industry looking to strengthen their understanding of how business works and what common errors to avoid in collaborations and other ventures."The MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW
Construction Management JumpStart
Author: Barbara J. Jackson
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons
ISBN: 0470768088
Pages: 408
Year: 2010-06-03
View: 981
Read: 662
Launch your career in construction management with this one-of-a-kind book The construction management industry is expected to increase employment by 16 percent over the next decade. This second edition of a bestselling introduction to construction management walks you through each stage of the construction management process. Written from the constructor's perspective, this book will familiarize you with all the construction management fundamentals and how Building Information Modeling (BIM) is impacting the construction management profession. Covers interoperability of technology advances in the construction industry Explains how BIM is challenging the traditional approach to project delivery and how this affects the constructor's role Elaborates each stage of the design and construction process and the tasks associated with each of them Shows step-by-step how to estimate project costs, administer contracts, manage job site and construction operations, plan and schedule a project, monitor project performance, manage project quality and safety, and assess project risks Provides review questions at the end of each chapter to help enforce understanding The tried-and-true project management principles presented in this book will help ensure you a successful start to your career.
The Industrial Green Game
Author: National Academy of Engineering
Publisher: National Academies Press
ISBN: 0309520428
Pages: 236
Year: 1997-07-24
View: 214
Read: 982
Industrial ecology is a concept that has emerged in response to growing public concern about the impact of industry on the environment. In this framework the natural flow (or circulation) of materials and energy that takes place in biological ecosystems becomes a model for more efficient industrial "metabolism." What industrial ecology is and how it may be applied to corporate environmentalism are the subject of The Industrial Green Game. This volume examines industrial circulation of materials, energy efficiency strategies, "green" accounting, life-cycle analysis, and other approaches for preventing pollution and improving performance. Corporate leaders report firsthand on "green" efforts at Ciba-Geigy, Volvo, Kennecott, and Norsk Hydro. And an update is provided on the award-winning industrial symbiosis project in Kalundborg, Denmark. The Industrial Green Game looks at issues of special concern to business, such as measuring and shaping public perceptions and marketing "green" products to consumers. It offers discussions of the appropriate roles of government and private business.
Software Configuration Management
Author: Jessica Keyes
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0203496116
Pages: 640
Year: 2004-02-24
View: 964
Read: 418
An effective systems development and design process is far easier to explain than it is to implement. A framework is needed that organizes the life cycle activities that form the process. This framework is Configuration Management (CM). Software Configuration Management discusses the framework from a standards viewpoint, using the original DoD MIL-STD-973 and EIA-649 standards to describe the elements of configuration management within a software engineering perspective. Divided into two parts, the first section is composed of 14 chapters that explain every facet of configuration management related to software engineering. The second section consists of 25 appendices that contain many valuable real world CM templates. The content is extensive and inclusive, covering everything from CM planning to configuration identification, verification, and auditing. Although it is vendor-neutral, it offers a serious discussion of what to look for in a CM tool and lists toolsets for review. This volume is a sourcebook of techniques, templates, and best practices in the field, providing software engineers and systems developers with what they need to run a successful CM program.
Standardization Research in Information Technology: New Perspectives
Author: Jakobs, Kai
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 159904563X
Pages: 300
Year: 2007-12-31
View: 836
Read: 369
Standardization has the potential to shape, expand, and create markets. Information technology has undergone a rapid transformation in the application of standards in practice, and recent developments have augmented the need for the divulgence of supplementary research. Standardization Research in Information Technology: New Perspectives amasses cutting-edge research on the application of standards in the market, covering topics such as corporate standardization, linguistic qualities of international standards, the role of individuals in standardization, and the development, use, application, and influence of information technology in standardization techniques.
Integrated Design of Multiscale, Multifunctional Materials and Products
Author: David L. McDowell, Jitesh Panchal, Hae-Jin Choi, Carolyn Seepersad, Janet Allen, Farrokh Mistree
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
ISBN: 0080952208
Pages: 392
Year: 2009-09-30
View: 1280
Read: 706
Integrated Design of Multiscale, Multifunctional Materials and Products is the first of its type to consider not only design of materials, but concurrent design of materials and products. In other words, materials are not just selected on the basis of properties, but the composition and/or microstructure iw designed to satisfy specific ranged sets of performance requirements. This book presents the motivation for pursuing concurrent design of materials and products, thoroughly discussing the details of multiscale modeling and multilevel robust design and provides details of the design methods/strategies along with selected examples of designing material attributes for specified system performance. It is intended as a monograph to serve as a foundational reference for instructors of courses at the senior and introductory graduate level in departments of materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering and civil engineering who are interested in next generation systems-based design of materials. First of its kind to consider not only design of materials, but concurrent design of materials and products Treatment of uncertainty via robust design of materials Integrates the "materials by design approach" of Olson/Ques Tek LLC with the "materials selection" approach of Ashby/Granta Distinquishes the processes of concurrent design of materials and products as an overall systems design problem from the field of multiscale modeling Systematic mathematical algorithms and methods are introduced for robust design of materials, rather than ad hoc heuristics--it is oriented towards a true systems approach to design of materials and products
Information Quality Management: Theory and Applications
Author: Al-Hakim, Latif
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1599040263
Pages: 326
Year: 2006-09-30
View: 233
Read: 713
The Internet and mobile commerce bring with them ubiquitous connectivity, real-time access, and overwhelming volumes of data and information. The growth of data warehouses and communication and information technologies has increased the need for high information quality management in organizations. Information Quality Management: Theory and Applications provides solutions to information quality problems that are becoming increasingly prevalent. Information Quality Management: Theory and Applications provides insight and support for professionals and researchers working in the field of information and knowledge management, information quality, practitioners and managers of manufacturing, and service industries concerned with the management of information.
Global Product
Author: John Stark
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1846289157
Pages: 215
Year: 2007-08-15
View: 313
Read: 312
Based on interviews with top executives from companies of different sizes and in different industries, this book explains the benefits and challenges of Global Product Development. "Global Product" provides examples from many companies, draws conclusions about best practices, and shows how to manage the innovation, development and support of Global Products. The author is the President of John Stark Associates, a leading service provider in the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) market, and has published numerous articles and books in the field.
Resistance to Change - a New Perspective: A Textbook for Managers Who Plan to Implement a Change
Author: Daniela Bradutanu
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1329528980
Year: 2015-09-15
View: 1032
Read: 936
The intention for this book is to present the resistance to change phenomenon from a new perspective. The term resistance is complex and very often misinterpreted. Change leaders should adapt their perspectives on this subject and try to see resistance from a positive angle as well. By just changing the prospect of analyzing it, managers could experience a greater success in implementing new changes and effectively attract more employees onto their side. Instead of trying to eliminate or suppress employees’ resistance, managers should rather use their reactions in a positive framework. Resistance may be useful as feedback and therefore, managers can use it to improve and refine the organizational change process.
Designing and Implementing Global Supply Chain Management
Author: Joshi, Sudhanshu
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1466697210
Pages: 342
Year: 2015-12-02
View: 193
Read: 414
Business practices are constantly evolving in order to meet growing customer demands. By implementing fresh procedures through the use of new technologies, organizations are able to remain competitive and meet the expectations of their customers. Designing and Implementing Global Supply Chain Management examines how various organizations have re-engineered their business processes in an effort to accommodate new innovations and remain relevant in a highly competitive global marketplace. Highlighting the creation of integrated supply chains and the emergence of virtual business communities, this publication is an appropriate reference source for students, researchers, and practitioners interested in trending approaches to external business functions used to efficiently respond to growing customer demands.
The Role of the Management Accountant
Author: Lukas Goretzki, Erik Strauss
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317377044
Pages: 326
Year: 2017-09-27
View: 189
Read: 310
There is considerable national variation in the professionalization and status of the management accountant. Although researchers from different countries have contributed to our knowledge about tasks and roles, we have limited insights into the development, education, and socio-cultural influences in different countries and surprisingly little is known about the local and national contexts in which these roles are learned and performed. This book bridges this research gap using two complementary perspectives. The first part explores management accountants in a range of different national contexts, providing information about country-specific historical developments and educational standards as well as specific roles and tasks. The second part focusses on important global developments that will increasingly impact management accountants in the future, such as sustainability, the financial crisis, technology and changing roles. By combining local context with a global overview, this insightful volume provides an agenda for future research which will be of great interest to scholars and advanced students in management accounting throughout the world.