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Nitride Semiconductor Devices
Author: Hadis Morkoç
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527649026
Pages: 474
Year: 2013-04-16
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This book gives a clear presentation of the necessary basics of semiconductor and device physics and engineering. It introduces readers to fundamental issues that will enable them to follow the latest technological research. It also covers important applications, including LED and lighting, semiconductor lasers, high power switching devices, and detectors. This balanced and up-to-date treatment makes the text an essential educational tool for both advanced students and professionals in the electronics industry.
Light-Emitting Diodes (3rd Edition)
Author: E. Fred Schubert
Publisher: E. Fred Schubert
ISBN: 0986382663
Pages: 672
Year: 2018-02-03
View: 457
Read: 1308
The 1st edition of the book “Light-Emitting Diodes” was published in 2003. The 2nd edition was published in 2006. The current 3rd edition of the book, a substantial expansion of the second edition, has 37 Chapters and includes a thorough discussion of white light-emitting diodes (LEDs), phosphor materials used in white LEDs, an expanded discussion of the various efficiencies encountered in the context of LEDs, and packaging materials and device technology. The background of light, color science, and human vision is provided as well. In the current edition, the fully colored illustrations are highly beneficial given the prominent role of light and color in the field of LEDs. The book is intended to be a comprehensive discussion of LEDs, particularly the physics, chemistry, and engineering associated with LEDs. It is published in electronic format in order to make the book affordable and easily accessible to a wide readership.
Fundamentals of III-V Semiconductor MOSFETs
Author: Serge Oktyabrsky, Peide Ye
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1441915478
Pages: 445
Year: 2010-03-16
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Read: 447
Fundamentals of III-V Semiconductor MOSFETs presents the fundamentals and current status of research of compound semiconductor metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) that are envisioned as a future replacement of silicon in digital circuits. The material covered begins with a review of specific properties of III-V semiconductors and available technologies making them attractive to MOSFET technology, such as band-engineered heterostructures, effect of strain, nanoscale control during epitaxial growth. Due to the lack of thermodynamically stable native oxides on III-V's (such as SiO2 on Si), high-k oxides are the natural choice of dielectrics for III-V MOSFETs. The key challenge of the III-V MOSFET technology is a high-quality, thermodynamically stable gate dielectric that passivates the interface states, similar to SiO2 on Si. Several chapters give a detailed description of materials science and electronic behavior of various dielectrics and related interfaces, as well as physics of fabricated devices and MOSFET fabrication technologies. Topics also include recent progress and understanding of various materials systems; specific issues for electrical measurement of gate stacks and FETs with low and wide bandgap channels and high interface trap density; possible paths of integration of different semiconductor materials on Si platform.
New Developments in Photon and Materials Research
Author: Joon I. Jang
Publisher: Nova Science Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 1626183392
Pages: 424
Year: 2013-01-01
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This book presents the most recent updates in the field of photon and optical materials research. It is devoted to various interdisciplinary subjects such as fundamental photon physics, bio and medical photon physics, ultrafast non-linear optics, quasiparticle excitation and spectroscopy, coherent mid-infrared (IR) light sources, functional optoelectronic materials and optical fibres, and quantum nano-structured devices for various important technological applications. It contains 19 authoritative peer-reviewed chapters regarding experimental and theoretical research in these fields, contributed by young scientists and engineers (assistant or associate professor level) along with well-established experts. The response of materials to electromagnetic fields, namely light-matter interaction, has been of special concern in fundamental optical sciences. The ability to fabricate and/or engineer new materials and structures is giving rise to revolutionary changes in the field, which also includes soft condensed matter and nanoscale systems. On the other hand, significant demand for new coherent light sources at mid-IR ranges has caused new laser technologies to flourish, which utilise innovative optical materials and quantum structures. Important mid-IR applications include IR countermeasures, optical telecommunications, broadband Internet, environmental monitoring, remote sensing of chemical and biological species, minimally invasive medical surgery and medical diagnosis, and direct imaging of biological structures and relevant processes. Most of the chapters presented in this book address key issues on light-matter interaction in various systems and the next generation of light sources aiming at practical applications. Included with these applications are some fundamental topics such as photon Bose-Einstein condensation, vacuum polarisation field, and polarisational bremsstrahlung. This collection of fresh updates on such stimulating areas makes this book quite unique, as it provides an in-depth review on the most recent progress as well as suggesting future research directions.
Polarization Effects in Semiconductors
Author: Colin Wood
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387368310
Pages: 515
Year: 2007-12-10
View: 537
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Polarization Effects in Semiconductors: From Ab Initio Theory to Device Applications presents the latest understanding of the solid state physics, electronic implications and practical applications of the unique spontaneous or pyro-electric polarization charge of wurtzite compound semiconductors, and associated piezo-electric effects in strained thin film heterostructures. These heterostructures are used in wide band gap semiconductor based sensors, in addition to various electronic and opto-electronic semiconductor devices. The book covers the ab initio theory of polarization in cubic and hexagonal semiconductors, growth of thin film GaN, GaN/AlGaN GaAlN/ AlGaInN, and other nitrides, and SiC heterostructures. It discusses the effects of spontaneous and piezoelectric polarization on band diagrams and electronic properties of abrupt and compositionally graded heterostructures, electronic characterization of polarization-induced charge distributions by scanning-probe spectroscopies, and gauge factors and strain effects. In addition, polarization in extended defects, piezo-electric strain/charge engineering, and application to device design and processing are covered. The effects of polarization on the fundamental electron transport properties, and on the basic optical transitions are described. The crucial role of polarization in devices such as high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) is covered. The chapters are authored by professors and researchers in the fields of physics, applied physics and electrical engineering, who worked for 5 years under the "Polarization Effects in Semiconductors" DOD funded Multi Disciplinary University Research Initiative. This book will be of interest to graduate students and researchers working in the field of wide-bandgap semiconductor physics and their device applications. It will also be useful for practicing engineers in the field of wide-bandgap semiconductor device research and development.
Over 7,300 total pages ... Just a sample of the contents: Title : Multifunctional Nanotechnology Research Descriptive Note : Technical Report,01 Jan 2015,31 Jan 2016 Title : Preparation of Solvent-Dispersible Graphene and its Application to Nanocomposites Descriptive Note : Technical Report Title : Improvements To Micro Contact Performance And Reliability Descriptive Note : Technical Report Title : Delivery of Nanotethered Therapies to Brain Metastases of Primary Breast Cancer Using a Cellular Trojan Horse Descriptive Note : Technical Report,15 Sep 2013,14 Sep 2016 Title : Nanotechnology-Based Detection of Novel microRNAs for Early Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer Descriptive Note : Technical Report,15 Jul 2016,14 Jul 2017 Title : A Federal Vision for Future Computing: A Nanotechnology-Inspired Grand Challenge Descriptive Note : Technical Report Title : Quantifying Nanoparticle Release from Nanotechnology: Scientific Operating Procedure Series: SOP C 3 Descriptive Note : Technical Report Title : Synthesis, Characterization And Modeling Of Functionally Graded Multifunctional Hybrid Composites For Extreme Environments Descriptive Note : Technical Report,15 Sep 2009,14 Mar 2015 Title : Equilibrium Structures and Absorption Spectra for SixOy Molecular Clusters using Density Functional Theory Descriptive Note : Technical Report Title : Nanotechnology for the Solid Waste Reduction of Military Food Packaging Descriptive Note : Technical Report,01 Apr 2008,01 Jan 2015 Title : Magneto-Electric Conversion of Optical Energy to Electricity Descriptive Note : Final performance rept. 1 Apr 2012-31 Mar 2015 Title : Surface Area Analysis Using the Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) Method: Standard Operating Procedure Series: SOP-C Descriptive Note : Technical Report,30 Sep 2015,30 Sep 2016 Title : Stabilizing Protein Effects on the Pressure Sensitivity of Fluorescent Gold Nanoclusters Descriptive Note : Technical Report Title : Theory-Guided Innovation of Noncarbon Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials Descriptive Note : Technical Report,14 Feb 2012,14 Feb 2016 Title : Deterring Emergent Technologies Descriptive Note : Journal Article Title : The Human Domain and the Future of Army Warfare: Present as Prelude to 2050 Descriptive Note : Technical Report Title : Drone Swarms Descriptive Note : Technical Report,06 Jul 2016,25 May 2017 Title : OFFSETTING TOMORROW'S ADVERSARY IN A CONTESTED ENVIRONMENT: DEFENDING EXPEDITIONARY ADVANCE BASES IN 2025 AND BEYOND Descriptive Note : Technical Report Title : A Self Sustaining Solar-Bio-Nano Based Wastewater Treatment System for Forward Operating Bases Descriptive Note : Technical Report,01 Feb 2012,31 Aug 2017 Title : Radiation Hard and Self Healing Substrate Agnostic Nanocrystalline ZnO Thin Film Electronics Descriptive Note : Technical Report,26 Sep 2011,25 Sep 2015 Title : Modeling and Experiments with Carbon Nanotubes for Applications in High Performance Circuits Descriptive Note : Technical Report Title : Radiation Hard and Self Healing Substrate Agnostic Nanocrystalline ZnO Thin Film Electronics (Per5 E) Descriptive Note : Technical Report,01 Oct 2011,28 Jun 2017 Title : High Thermal Conductivity Carbon Nanomaterials for Improved Thermal Management in Armament Composites Descriptive Note : Technical Report Title : Emerging Science and Technology Trends: 2017-2047 Descriptive Note : Technical Report Title : Catalysts for Lightweight Solar Fuels Generation Descriptive Note : Technical Report,01 Feb 2013,31 Jan 2017 Title : Integrated Real-Time Control and Imaging System for Microbiorobotics and Nanobiostructures Descriptive Note : Technical Report,01 Aug 2013,31 Jul 2014
Silicon Carbide Power Devices
ISBN: 9814478946
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Combat Hybrid Power System Component Technologies
Author: National Materials Advisory Board, Board on Manufacturing and Engineering Design, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences
Publisher: National Academies Press
ISBN: 0309542308
Pages: 67
Year: 2003-01-21
View: 242
Read: 541
This book provides the detail from the NRC Committee on Assessment of Combat Hybrid Power Systems. This committee targeted three emerging technology areas: advanced electric motor drives and power electronics, battery technologies for military electric and hybrid vehicle applications, and high temperature wideband gap materials for high-power electrical systems. This committee also addressed three additional emerging technologies: high power switching technologies, capacitor technologies and computer simulation for storage system design and integration.
The MOCVD Challenge
Author: Manijeh Razeghi
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0750303093
Pages: 444
Year: 1995-01-01
View: 266
Read: 478
The MOCVD Challenge: Volume 2, A Survey of GaInAsP-GaAs for Photonic and Electronic Device Applications focuses on GaAs systems and devices grown by MOCVD, specifically MOCVD growth of GaAs and related alloys and GaInP for photonic and electronic applications. Along with Volume 1, this book provides a personal account of the author's own pioneering research, an authoritative overview of the development of the MOCVD technique, and the technique's impact on the development of new materials, devices, and their applications. Coverage begins with an introduction to III-V compounds and devices and growth techniques for multilayers and heterostructures. The book then details how an MOCVD system works and how design affects material growth and sourcing of precursor materials. It also examines ^Iin- and ^Iex-situ growth techniques, with the differential reflectivity treatment applied to lattice matched and mis-matched conditions. The author gives an in-depth treatment of the GaInPGaAs system, including optical investigations of quantum wells and superlattices. The book concludes with an up-to-date discussion of the current use, novel developments, and future potential for optical devices, GaAs-based lasers and heterojunctions, and optoelectronic integrated circuits. The MOCVD Challenge is an invaluable introduction and guide for researchers in materials science, applied physics, and electrical engineering, who study the properties and applications of compound (III-V) semiconductor materials. Professor Manijeh Razeghi is director of the Center for Quantum Devices at Northwestern University and leads an internationally renowned research team exploring the use of the MOCVD growth technique. Formerly head of research at Thomson-CSF in France, she was awarded the IBM Europe Science and Technology Prize for her early research into MOCVD.
Nitride Semiconductors and Devices
Author: Hadis Morkoç
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642585620
Pages: 489
Year: 2013-03-08
View: 1178
Read: 663
This timely monograph addresses an important class of semiconductors and devices that constitute the underlying technology for blue lasers. It succinctly treats structural, electrical and optical properties of nitrides and the substrates on which they are deposited, band structures of nitrides, optical processes, deposition and fabrication technologies, light-emitting diodes, and lasers. It also includes many tables and figures detailing the properties and performance of nitride semiconductors and devices.
Optical Metamaterials
Author: Wenshan Cai, Vladimir Shalaev
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1441911510
Pages: 200
Year: 2009-12-01
View: 990
Read: 1044
Metamaterials—artificially structured materials with engineered electromagnetic properties—have enabled unprecedented flexibility in manipulating electromagnetic waves and producing new functionalities. This book details recent advances in the study of optical metamaterials, ranging from fundamental aspects to up-to-date implementations, in one unified treatment. Important recent developments and applications such as superlens and cloaking devices are also treated in detail and made understandable. The planned monograph can serve as a very timely book for both newcomers and advanced researchers in this extremely rapid evolving field.
Technology of Quantum Devices
Author: Manijeh Razeghi
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1441910565
Pages: 560
Year: 2009-12-11
View: 680
Read: 259
Technology of Quantum Devices offers a multi-disciplinary overview of solid state physics, photonics and semiconductor growth and fabrication. Readers will find up-to-date coverage of compound semiconductors, crystal growth techniques, silicon and compound semiconductor device technology, in addition to intersubband and semiconductor lasers. Recent findings in quantum tunneling transport, quantum well intersubband photodetectors (QWIP) and quantum dot photodetectors (QWDIP) are described, along with a thorough set of sample problems.
Fundamentals and Applications in Aerosol Spectroscopy
Author: Ruth Signorell, Jonathan P. Reid
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 142008562X
Pages: 535
Year: 2010-12-20
View: 569
Read: 1142
Helping you better understand the processes, instruments, and methods of aerosol spectroscopy, Fundamentals and Applications in Aerosol Spectroscopy provides an overview of the state of the art in this rapidly developing field. It covers fundamental aspects of aerosol spectroscopy, applications to atmospherically and astronomically relevant problems, and several aspects that need further research and development. Chapters in the book are arranged in order of decreasing wavelength of the light/electrons. The text starts with infrared spectroscopy, one of the most important aerosol characterization methods for laboratory studies, field measurements, remote sensing, and space missions. It then focuses on Raman spectroscopy for investigating aerosol processes in controlled laboratory studies and for analyzing environmental particles and atmospheric pollution. The next section discusses the use of cavity ring-down spectroscopy to measure light extinction, laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy to identify and classify biological aerosol particles, and ultrafast laser techniques to improve the specificity of bioaerosol detection. The final section examines recent developments involving novel techniques based on UV, x-ray, and electron beam studies. This book offers the first comprehensive overview of the spectroscopy of aerosols. It includes some results for the first time in the literature and presents a unique link between fundamental aspects and applications.
Author: Guillaume Baffou
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108307868
Year: 2017-10-19
View: 938
Read: 244
Plasmonics is an important branch of optics concerned with the interaction of metals with light. Under appropriate illumination, metal nanoparticles can exhibit enhanced light absorption, becoming nanosources of heat that can be precisely controlled. This book provides an overview of the exciting new field of thermoplasmonics and a detailed discussion of its theoretical underpinning in nanophotonics. This topic has developed rapidly in the last decade, and is now a highly-active area of research due to countless applications in nanoengineering and nanomedicine. These important applications include photothermal cancer therapy, drug and gene delivery, nanochemistry and photothermal imaging. This timely and self-contained text is suited to all researchers and graduate students working in plasmonics, nano-optics and thermal-induced processes at the nanoscale.
Material-Integrated Intelligent Systems
Author: Stefan Bosse, Dirk Lehmhus, Walter Lang, Matthias Busse
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527336060
Pages: 696
Year: 2018-02-06
View: 608
Read: 1124
Combining different perspectives from materials science, engineering, and computer science, this reference provides a unified view of the various aspects necessary for the successful realization of intelligent systems. The editors and authors are from academia and research institutions with close ties to industry, and are thus able to offer first-hand information here. They adopt a unique, three-tiered approach such that readers can gain basic, intermediate, and advanced topical knowledge. The technology section of the book is divided into chapters covering the basics of sensor integration in materials, the challenges associated with this approach, data processing, evaluation, and validation, as well as methods for achieving an autonomous energy supply. The applications part then goes on to showcase typical scenarios where material-integrated intelligent systems are already in use, such as for structural health monitoring and smart textiles.