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Point of Origin
Author: Patricia Cornwell
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101207345
Pages: 432
Year: 1999-08-01
View: 1172
Read: 665
The clues to a series of remorseless killings go up in smoke—and only Kay Scarpetta can find them in this #1 New York Times bestseller from Patricia Cornwell. “Sears its way into the psyche…Ablaze with Cornwell’s finest, scariest writing.”—Atlanta Journal Constitution The devastating fire tore through the horse farm, destroying everything it touched. Picking through the wreckage, Dr. Kay Scarpetta uncovers human remains—the work of an audacious and wily killer who uses fire to mask his brutal murders. And when Scarpetta learns that her old nemesis, Carrie Grethen, has escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane and is somehow involved, the investigation becomes personal. Tragedy strikes close to home. And Scarpetta must match Grethen’s every move with one of her own to douse the inferno of evil that threatens everyone around her… Includes an Introduction by the Author From the Paperback edition.
Black Notice
Author: Patricia Daniels Cornwell
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0425175405
Pages: 441
Year: 2000
View: 1326
Read: 637
The discovery of the decomposed body of a stowaway aboard a cargo ship leads Chief Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta to a perilous international odyssey on a mission that could destroy her career and threatens her own life.
Cause of Death
Author: Patricia Cornwell
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101205636
Pages: 384
Year: 1997-09-01
View: 177
Read: 1220
Dr. Kay Scarpetta plunges into the murky depths of a ship graveyard to recover the very human remains of Ted Eddings, an investigative reporter. Together with her niece Lucy and police captain Pete Marino, Scarpetta will follow the scents of death and violence to the heart of sinister darkness. *San Francisco Chronicle
Hornet's Nest
Author: Patricia Daniels Cornwell
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 042516098X
Pages: 369
Year: 1998
View: 693
Read: 674
The gritty, heroic life of big-city police is seen through the eyes of three leading crimefighters from Charlotte, North Carolina
Blow Fly
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0425198731
Pages: 467
Year: 2004
View: 482
Read: 1238
Leaving Virginia in search of peace and quiet, Dr. Kay Scarpetta journeys to Florida, where a series of baffling murders entangles her in an international conspiracy that confronts her with the most unexpected circumstance of her life. Reprint.
Cruel and Unusual
Author: Patricia Cornwell
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439187533
Pages: 416
Year: 2009-12-01
View: 439
Read: 387
“A knockout” (People) of a thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Patricia Cornwell featuring medical examiner Kay Scarpetta. “Killing me won’t kill the beast” are the last words of rapist-murderer Ronnie Joe Waddell, written four days before his execution. But they can't explain how Dr. Kay Scarpetta finds Waddell's fingerprints on another crime scene—after she’d performed his autopsy. If this is some sort of game, Scarpetta seems to be the target. And if the next victim is someone she knows, the punishment will be cruel and unusual...
Author: Patricia Cornwell
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439187517
Pages: 352
Year: 2009-12-01
View: 884
Read: 701
Under cover of night in Richmond, Virginia, a human monster strikes, leaving a gruesome trail of stranglings that has paralyzed the city. Medical examiner Kay Scarpetta suspects the worst: a deliberate campaign by a brilliant serial killer whose signature offers precious few clues. With an unerring eye, she calls on the latest advances in forensic research to unmask the madman. But this investigation will test Kay like no other, because it's being sabotaged from within and someone wants her dead.
Body of Evidence
Author: Patricia Cornwell
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439187541
Pages: 496
Year: 2009-12-01
View: 910
Read: 941
Now in a new premium edition, #1 New York Times bestselling author Patricia Cornwell’s suspense fiction classic, featuring gutsy medical examiner Kay Scarpetta. A reclusive author, Beryl Madison finds no safe haven from months of menacing phone calls—or the tormented feeling that her every move is being watched. When the writer is found slain in her own home, Kay Scarpetta pieces together the intricate forensic evidence—while unwittingly edging closer to a killer waiting in the shadows.
Unnatural Exposure
Author: Patricia Cornwell
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1429541768
Pages: 352
Year: 2008-01-02
View: 753
Read: 1002
Kay Scarpetta finds herself pitted against a possible bioterrorist in this suspense-filled read from #1 New York Times bestselling author Patricia Cornwell. When a woman turns up dismembered in a landfill, Scarpetta initially suspects the work of a serial killer she’s been tracking. But her investigation turns far more dangerous when she realizes the victim’s skin is covered in an unusual rash—and Scarpetta herself may have just been exposed to a deadly virus.
Author: Patricia Cornwell
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101585153
Pages: 544
Year: 2012-07-03
View: 594
Read: 1310
Now freelancing from south Florida, Dr. Kay Scarpetta returns to Richmond, Virginia, the city that turned its back on her five years ago. Investigating the death of a young girl, she must follow the twisting leads and track the strange details in order to make the dead speak-and to reveal the sad truth that may be more than even she can bear.
Author: Patricia Daniels Cornwell
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0399152830
Pages: 406
Year: 2005
View: 1191
Read: 540
Kay Scarpetta and her colleague Pete Marino investigate the case of a man killed by a shotgun blast to the chest, while a woman is trapped in an abandoned house in the South after being kidnapped by an unknown captor, and on Cape Cod, Kay's niece Lucy Farinelli begins to suspect that she has made a terrible mistake. 1,200,000 first printing.
The Bone Bed
Author: Patricia Daniels Cornwell
Publisher: Berkley
ISBN: 0425261360
Pages: 482
Year: 2013
View: 585
Read: 1111
Receiving a grisly communication in the wake of an eminent Canadian paleontologist's disappearance, Kay Scarpetta investigates the discovery of a body in Boston Harbor and clues about other unsolved cases, a situation that makes Scarpetta wonder who she can trust.
The Scarpetta Factor
Author: Patricia Cornwell
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 110114890X
Pages: 592
Year: 2009-10-20
View: 271
Read: 912
In the extraordinary new novel by Patricia Cornwell-the world's #1 bestselling crime writer-forensic expert Kay Scarpetta is surrounded by familiar faces, yet traveling down the unfamiliar road of fame. A CNN producer wants her to launch a TV show called The Scarpetta Factor. But the glare of the spotlight could make Kay a target for the very killers she would put behind bars... From the Paperback edition.
From Potter's Field
Author: Patricia Cornwell
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439104794
Pages: 416
Year: 1995-08-02
View: 294
Read: 612
#1 bestselling author Patricia Cornwell returns to the chilling world of gutsy medical examiner Kay Scarpetta in this suspense classic. An unidentified nude female sits propped against a fountain in Central Park. There are no signs of struggle. When Dr. Kay Scarpetta and her colleagues Benton Wesley and Pete Marino arrive on the scene, they instantly recognize the signature of serial killer Temple Brooks Gault. Scarpetta, on assignment with the FBI, visits the New York City morgue on Christmas morning, where she must use her forensic expertise to give a name to the nameless—a difficult task. But as she sorts through conflicting forensic clues, Gault claims his next victim. He has infiltrated the FBI’s top secret artificial-intelligence system developed by Scarpetta’s niece, and sends taunting messages as his butchery continues, moving terrifyingly closer to Scarpetta herself.
The last precinct
Author: Patricia Cornwell
ISBN: 0739412612
Pages: 565
Year: 2000
View: 1017
Read: 620
Chandonne has been arrested. But Scarpetta's problems are just beginning ... We enter The Last Precinct through the reverberating aftershocks of Black Notice, inconceivably finding Virginia's Chief Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta an object of suspicion - and criminal investigation. And the nightmare perpetuated on Scarpetta's doorstep continues as she discovers that the so-called Werewolf murders may have extended to New York City and into the darkest corners of her past. When a formidable prosecutor, a female assistant district attorney from New York, is brought into the case, Scarpetta must struggle to make what she knows to be the truth prevail against mounting and unnerving evidence to the contrary. Tested in every way, she turns inward to ask: where do you go when there is nowhere left ?