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Poison in Paddington
Author: Samantha Silver
ISBN: 1537885170
Pages: 175
Year: 2017-06-05
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When Cassie Coburn moved to London, she never thought she’d be involved in a quadruple homicide. After a car accident ended her medical career before it even started, Cassie moved to London on a whim, expecting to see the sights and live the typical tourist backpacker lifestyle. Instead she finds herself accompanying a French private detective, Violet Despuis, as they attempt to find out who poisoned four people in the middle of London. Cassie’s life soon includes this crazy detective, an ancient landlady with a curious past, a mischeivous orange cat who likes going for walks on a leash, and a super hot pathologist that Cassie is sure is out of her league. And they haven’t even found the murderer yet... The Cassie Coburn mysteries are a cozy mystery series featuring a Sherlock-holmes style sleuth. If you want a light, fun, modern mystery featuring a San Francisco girl totally out of her element in London, and a crazy French woman who happens to be very good at noticing things, then this is the series for you.
Russian Dolls
Author: Cristelle Comby
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 148203039X
Pages: 300
Year: 2013-03-08
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Alexandra Neve is a student at University College London whose world suddenly falls apart. When her best friend jumps from the university's rooftop, she can't stop herself from asking, 'Why?' The police rule her friend's death a suicide and for them the case is closed - so whom can she turn to for help? Sometimes the person you need the most is the one you least expect to find, and in this case it's none other than Ashford Egan, a blind middle-aged history professor, who's more willing than most to listen to what she has to say. Neve and Egan are as different as they come. She's restless, careless at times, and fearless when the need arises, while he's almost the complete opposite: a deep thinker with an analytical mind, a highly rational and collected individual. As they enter the violent world of the Russian mafia, they must overcome their differences and learn to work together. It's their only chance if they want to survive.
Flo Charts
Author: Sam Cheever
Publisher: Electric Prose Publications
ISBN: 1732050708
Pages: 93
Year: 2018-02-24
View: 698
Read: 612
Come to Silver Hills. Where new friends are made and a grim reaper is born. Agnes Willard is moving into Silver Hills. She’s worried about the change and concerned about fitting in. Luckily for her, Florence Bee has decided to take Agnes under her wing. When Agnes’ cat Tolstoy escapes as they’re getting Agnes settled into her new apartment, they quickly find him across the hall, perched on a dying woman’s chest. The new friends soon learn three things from the experience: 1. The cat definitely has an instinct for and proclivity toward people who are on death’s doorstep. 2. Finding and avoiding a killer is a really tough way to spend your first days in a new place. And 3. Agnes truly does have a unique talent for debauching a crime scene.
The Mayor of Montebello
Author: Revel Barker
ISBN: 1907841083
Pages: 228
Year: 2012-11-01
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There was no crime on the Mediterranean island of Montebello. Occasionally, it was necessary for somebody to be murdered, but that was only because the island was part of Sicily, and murder was a Sicilian tradition. But Horatio Greene, who had spent all his childhood holidays on the sunshine isle and retired - early - to live there, knew that locals left their keys in the lock on the outside of the door, and that there'd never been a stolen car...
Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction and the Drama
Author: Ebenezer Cobham Brewer, Marion Harland
Year: 1901
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And Then You Die
Author: Michael Dibdin
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571248624
Pages: 304
Year: 2008-11-20
View: 961
Read: 407
Aurelio Zen was dead to the world. Under the next umbrella, a few desirable metres closer to the sea, Massimo Rutelli was just dead. Inspector Zen is back, but nobody's supposed to know it. After months in hospital recovering from a bomb attack on his car, he is lying low under a false name at a beach resort on the Tuscan coast, waiting to testify in an imminent anti-Mafia trial. But when an alarming number of people are dropping dead around him, it seems just a matter of time before the Mafia manages to finish the job it bungled months before on a lonely Sicilian road. The pleasant monotony of resort life is cut short as Zen finds himself transported to a remote and strange world far from home...and wherever he goes, trouble follows. If you enjoyed the Inspector Zen Mystery series you may also like The Last Sherlock Holmes Story, another crime novel by Michael Dibdin.
Deadly Gamble
Author: Connie Shelton
Publisher: Secret Staircase Books, an imprint of Columbine Publishing Group
ISBN: 1452403090
Pages: 292
Year: 2009-09-08
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Read: 480
Praise for USA Today bestselling author, Connie Shelton, and her first novel: "An impressive debut mystery!" -- Albuquerque Journal "Charlie is slick, appealing and nobody's fool--just what readers want in an amateur sleuth." -- Booklist "This is a dandy. Don't miss it!" -- Book Talk In this debut mystery series novel, Charlie Parker, accountant and partner in an Albuquerque private investigation firm, is visited by her old school friend, Stacy North. Stacy's Rolex watch is missing and she begs Charlie to help locate it before her husband finds out. Things are complicated by the fact that Stacy had been seeing another man, Gary Detweiller, and he's the one she suspects of having stolen the watch. With a little detective work, Charlie and her sidekick dog, Rusty, retrieve the missing watch and all should be well. But three days later, Detweiller is murdered. All eyes turn to Stacy as the prime suspect. Once again, Stacy begs Charlie's help in proving her innocence. As she begins to ask questions, Charlie learns that Detweiller's life was not as simple as first perceived and that any number of people had grievances against him. And before she can pinpoint the killer, her own life is in danger as well. Includes new foreword from the author upon the 20th anniversary of first publication of this ongoing series' first title. Praise for the other books in the Charlie Parker mystery series: "A well written, by the book who-done-it that will enthrall purists. Charlie is a fabulous amateur sleuth." -- Midwest Book Review "Shelton has created a lively hero in Charlie and puts her into situations that require prompt action and good common sense. A Charlie Parker mystery is always a good read..." --Southwest Book Views "Charlie is a good detective and a pleasant companion to unravel a mystery with." -- Mystery News "Shelton's engaging story, likable heroine, and comfortable prose make this a good choice." -- Library Journal "Connie Shelton gets better with every book she writes." --The Midwest Book Review Search words: mystery, first in series, free ebook, freebie, female sleuth, Southwestern mysteries, crime fiction, cozy mystery, pet sleuths, animal mysteries
Murder at the Lighthouse
Author: Frances Evesham
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1530020239
Pages: 186
Year: 2016-03-17
View: 393
Read: 1124
What would you do if you found a body under a lighthouse? If you love cosy crime, classic murder mysteries, clever animals and cake, try Murder at the Lighthouse, a small town crime story set in Exham on Sea, in Somerset. Newcomer Libby Forest, recovering from a disastrous marriage and seeking a new life baking cakes and making chocolates in the town, finds a body under the seaside town's iconic nine-legged lighthouse. The police put the death of the ageing rock star down to an accident, but Libby remains convinced the woman was murdered. After a second sudden death, Libby has to face up to the wrath of local people in her fight to unmask the killer. Everyone knew the dead rock star, but no one seems to know or care why she died. What brought her back to Exham on Sea after so many years? Who wanted her dead? Does the key to her murder lie in the town, or far away across the Atlantic? Helped by Bear, an enormous Carpathian Sheepdog, and Fuzzy, an aloof marmalade cat, Libby joins forces with the secretive Max Ramshore to find justice for Susie Bennett, in this cosy culinary mystery. The first classic crime story in the series, Murder at the Lighthouse introduces a cast of local characters, including Mandy the teenage Goth and Detective Sergeant Joe Ramshore, Max's estranged son. The green fields, rolling hills and sandy beaches of England's West Country provide the perfect setting for crime, intrigue and mystery. For lovers of Agatha Christie novels, the golden age of crime, Midsomer Murders, M C Beaton's Agatha Raisin, lovable pets and cake, the series offers a set of quick read crime stories, as Libby solves a mixture of intriguing mysteries and uncovers the secrets of the small town's past. Download the first in the series now and enjoy a very British seaside murder mystery.
The Riviera Express (A Miss Dimont Mystery, Book 1)
Author: TP Fielden
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 000819369X
Pages: 368
Year: 2017-02-23
View: 718
Read: 631
‘A delicious adventure’ - Daily Mail Murder on the Riviera Express
Everything Happens for a Reason
Author: Tina-Marie Miller
ISBN: 1999969502
Pages: 270
Year: 2018-01-18
View: 204
Read: 384
Shaken from the sudden death of her mother, Poppy Jackson's only light amidst all the darkness is the prospect of embarking on an exciting new career. Watch as the worlds of Poppy and Richard are drawn together in a twist of fate in this tale of love, loss and new beginnings.
Murder at the Blue Plate Café
Author: Judy Alter
ISBN: 1622371089
Year: 2013
View: 400
Read: 691
A Blue Plate Caf©♭ Mystery. (Book One)When twin sisters Kate and Donna inherit their grandmother's restaurant, the Blue Plate Caf©♭ in Wheeler, Texas, there's immediate conflict. Donna wants to sell and use her money to establish a B & B; Kate wants to keep the Caf©♭. Thirty-two-year-old Kate leaves a Dallas career as a paralegal and a married lover to move back to Wheeler and run the caf©♭, while Donna plans her B & B and complicates her life by having an affair with her sole investor.Kate soon learns that Wheeler is not the idyllic small town she thought it was fourteen years ago. The mayor, a woman, is power-mad and listens to no one, and the chief of the police department, newly come from Dallas, doesn't understand small-town ways. Worst of all, blunt, outspoken Donna is not well liked by some town folk. The mayor of Wheeler becomes seriously ill after eating food from the caf©♭, delivered by Donna's husband, and the death of another patron makes Kate even more suspicious of her grandmother's sudden death.When Donna's investor is shot, all signs point to Donna, and she is arrested. Kate must defend her sister and solve the murders to keep her business open, but even Kate begins to wonder about the sister with whom she has a love-hate relationship. Gram guides Kate through it all, though Kate's never quite sure she's hearing Gram0́4and sometimes Gram's guidance is really off the wall.
Death Quixote
Author: Samantha Silver
ISBN: 1981216243
Pages: 204
Year: 2017-11-28
View: 926
Read: 1100
Everything in Sapphire Village is pretty crazy right now...When Alice and Cat stumble across the body of a local vigilante, Cat realizes he was one of her best customers, and vows to get her revenge.As the two of them begin their own investigation, however, they realize that the man's life was a lot more complex than they first imagined, and it quickly becomes apparent that their victim may not have been in the wrong place at the wrong time after all.Meanwhile, The Others seem to be avoiding Sapphire Village, and Grandma Cee wants to draw them out in order to defeat them once and for all. And just in case that wasn't enough, the race to become the new mayor of Sapphire Village is heating up, and Alice finds herself unwittingly getting involved.As Alice and Cat get closer to finding the murderer, Alice can't help but feel like they're in danger. Will they manage to catch the murderer before they become the next victims?Death Quixote is a full-length novel and the fourth book in the Magical Bookshop Mystery series of paranormal cozy mysteries.
The Hollow Tree
Author: Janet Lunn
Publisher: Penguin Group
ISBN: 0307367460
Pages: 272
Year: 2011-02-04
View: 559
Read: 583
From one of Canada's best loved children's writers comes the enthralling tale of a brave young girl caught up in the American Revolutionary War. It is 1777 and Phoebe Olcott is thrown headlong into the horrors of war when her beloved cousin Gideon is hanged for being a British spy. When she finds a message left by Gideon containing the names of Loyalist families to be protected by the King's army, Phoebe knows she must deliver the message to the general at Fort Ticonderoga. She sets out into the wilderness and soon meets up with Jem, a young Loyalist travelling to the safety of British Canada. As they travel across the country facing rebel guns, wild animals and worse, Phoebe and Jem discover they have a growing attraction for each other. But her own mission cannot be ignored and Phoebe once again finds herself alone, freezing and near death before she is reunited with Jem on the shores of Lake Ontario. From the Paperback edition.
Witching for the Best
Author: Samantha Silver, Evelynne Page
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1719339201
Pages: 222
Year: 2018-05-19
View: 536
Read: 1274
The tide's about to turn in Moonlight Cove... When a body is found out at sea in Moonlight Cove, local B&B owner Artemis Mani is called out to help - after all, she has the power to control the tides. Despite genuinely planning on staying out of it this time, when it turns out the victim is The Magic Bean owner Elisa's aunt, Elisa begs Arti to find out who did it, and Arti finds herself once again embroiled in a murder investigation. Between dodging Chief Forsetti, trying to quash Luna's feud with the new cat in town, and discovering that the town's senior citizens have more secrets to hide than she could have ever imagined, Arti quickly finds herself overwhelmed... and she hasn't even found the murderer yet! Witching for the Best is the second full-length novel in the Moonlight Cove series of paranormal cozy mysteries.
From Garden to Grave
Author: Rickie Blair
ISBN: 0995098123
Year: 2016-12-19
View: 1302
Read: 725
Murder. It's a perennial problem. Verity Hawkes is a shut-in. After two years bunkered in her apartment, the only thing that gets her out is the disappearance of her beloved but eccentric aunt. As she takes over her aunt's landscaping shop, she'll need to go from hoarder to horticulturist in a hurry... Her new home of Leafy Hollow is quaint, except for her most obnoxious client. When a series of freak accidents kills the customer, all signs point to Verity as the killer. The hunt for answers is on, and Verity must question a tipsy carpenter, a bacon-peddling vegan baker, and her dreamy landscaping competitor to keep her new life afloat. Failure to find the truth could put her back in a confined space for much more than two years... From Garden to Grave is the first book in a series of delightfully funny cozy mysteries. If you like lovably quirky characters, deceptively idyllic Canadian villages, and twists you won't see coming, then you'll love Rickie Blair's Leafy Hollow Mysteries series. Buy From Garden to Grave to plant a new seed of mystery today!