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Author: Brian K. Vaughan
ISBN: 1632150778
View: 1268
Read: 380
"The sweeping tale of one young family fighting to find their place in the universe. When two soldiers from opposite sides of a never-ending galactic war fall in love, they risk everything to bring a fragile new life into a dangerous old world"--P. [4] of cover (v. 1).
Judas Unchained
Author: Peter F. Hamilton
Publisher: Tor UK
ISBN: 1743031823
Pages: 320
Year: 2005-09-28
View: 471
Read: 917
Judas Unchained is the high-action sequel to Pandora's Star from Peter F. Hamilton, one of the world's bestselling science fiction writers. For hundreds of years the human race has been manipulated into starting a war that could destroy civilisation. As Chief Investigator Paula Myo hunts down the terrifying creature behind the ploy, the invasion continues and dozens of worlds fall to the enemy. Admiral Kime orders a defence with war-winning super-weapons, only to find that their adversaries have equally powerful armaments. How they got them is the question. Has the Commonwealth's top-secret defence project been compromised, or is the truth even worse? The story of the Commonwealth Universe continues with: The Dreaming Void: The Void Trilogy 1 The Temporal Void: The Void Trilogy 2 The Evolutionary Void: The Void Trilogy 3 The Abyss Beyond Dreams: Chronicle of the Fallers 1 Night Without Stars: Chronicle of the Fallers 2
Ascension Saga: 2
Author: Grace Goodwin
Publisher: KSA Publishing Consultants
Pages: 108
View: 782
Read: 480
Leoron of Alera has learned the truth about his new mate's identity, but landed in the hands of her enemies. The time for secrets is over... Welcome to the Interstellar Brides® all new Ascension Saga and the planet Alera, where women from Earth not only find their mates, but fight to rule the world. Download now and as the adventure continues!
The Stockton Saga 2
Author: Steven Douglas Glover
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1462053157
Pages: 184
Year: 2011-09-15
View: 993
Read: 657
The Stockton Saga continues. Cole Stockton, renowned gunfighter, swears in as Deputy United States Marshal; however, it takes more than a badge and a fast gun to deal with lawless elements in the wild Colorado Territory. It takes skill and steadfast determination in the face of overwhelming odds to enforce justice. Texas born Laura Lynne Sumner inherits her Uncle Jesse’s ranch after he is murdered by rustlers. Her uncle’s hired hands refuse to work for a woman and desert her. She is left to work the ranch alone. Riding the Colorado Territory in search of wild horses is hard enough for a man accustomed to the trails; for a woman alone, it takes shear guts. In order to make a go of it, Laura needs men who will staunchly support her. The paths of lawman and lady converge to share a destiny foretold to Laura years earlier, “One will stoke the fires of your soul. He is born of deadly skill, yet you will seek the comfort of his honor.” An historical novel of the Old West, packed with the drama and suspense of wild horse hunts, interpersonal relationships, and outlaws handled with six-gun justice.
Chang Fury Saga 2 Devastation
Author: Damion Kendrick
ISBN: 1329945115
View: 229
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Cornered (The Corded Saga #2)
Author: Alyssa Rose Ivy
Publisher: Alyssa Rose Ivy
Pages: 200
Year: 2017-11-02
View: 368
Read: 984
When all you have left is hope, you fight with all that you are... Kayla will stop at nothing to save her sister and niece even if it means entering Central. Mason will do anything for Kayla even if it means facing the past he no longer remembers. Confronted head on with crisis after crisis, Kayla and Mason must trust one another enough to pull through and find their chance for a happy ending. *New Adult Dystopian Romance* 1
Ocean Storm : The Moonlight Saga 2
Author: Ariel Wood
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1387498673
Year: 2018-01-15
View: 485
Read: 552
Prince William has been rescued, and many years of peace has settled over the land of Lilliath. The royal twins, Prince Theodore and Princess Elizabeth are growing up and beginning to think about what the future holds for them. For Princess Elizabeth, a nice quiet life in the safety of Castle Town sounds perfect. But Prince Theodore yearns to set into the world and make his own adventure story. However the last thing they were expecting was to be spirited away by a band of ghastly pirates! Can their bond survive the thrashing seas and the brutal nature of the evil Captain Felix? Or will they crumble under the pressure? A storm is coming.
Grim Gambit (Amica Saga #2)
Author: Richard S. Tuttle
Publisher: KBS Publishing
Year: 2013-06-26
View: 1159
Read: 516
What starts out as a short trip to a temple turns into a race to stay alive as Marcus and Antioch are pursued by a mage enforcer and bounty hunters. Prodded by a priest and a caravan warrior, Marcus finally accepts his fate as the Avenging Shadow and dives into a deep conspiracy that is enslaving the population of Grim and cornering the market for iron.
Deadly Dream - Ryvenbark's Saga 2
Author: Gray Lanter
Publisher: Gray Lanter
ISBN: 8826036748
Year: 2017-03-10
View: 1224
Read: 378
A warlike race is busy launching invasions and taking over planets, so when Major Logan Ryvenbark gets a call from interplanetary CEO Belen Morganthal, he assumes that he and his mercenaries are going to be needed for the unfolding war. However, he soon learns that that is not what Morganthal needs him for at all. Instead, Morganthal informs Ryvenbark that three planets in the Terlor system, including the home planet of the Oreganians, have been destroyed – and five billion lives have been lost. Major Ryvenbark and his team discover a strange sphere, five hundred miles in diameter, drifting through the Terlor system, and Major Ryvenbark has a strong hunch that this mysterious sphere has more than just a little to do with the destruction of the Terlorian planets. What he isn't sure of is whether he and his men will be able to get inside this thing – and, of course, what they will find if they do get inside it – in order to prevent the destruction of even more planets... but he knows that he has to risk everything to try. In Deadly Dream, you'll be taken on a journey that goes beyond the laws of time and space and bends the very fabric of reality. On this roller-coaster sci-fi ride through the wildest conjuring a talented sci-fi writer can come up with, you won't be able to put the book down from the moment you start reading until you reach the final page.
Witch Book (Orgarlan Saga, 2)
Author: Linda Nelson
ISBN: 1105654427
View: 790
Read: 1207

Soul Binder (Soul Saga #2)
Author: E. L. Todd
Publisher: E. L. Todd
ISBN: 1494238535
Pages: 300
Year: 2014-06-01
View: 1211
Read: 831
The love of Aleco’s life, Accacia, has sailed away from these shores, leaving him more crippled and broken than when she came into his life to begin with. All he has left of her are the memories stored within his Soul Catcher, memories that have to last him a lifetime as he continues his mission to save her people from the void. He immerses himself in her recollections, but it’s not enough. It will never be enough. Aleco needs her by his side. He is nothing without her. The only thing keeping him from complete despair is the mission of saving Accacia's soul and those of the Asquithians and killing his brother, the king of the Continent. If he can accomplish all this, he can be reunited with the woman he loves. Meanwhile, Accacia reaches her new home, the home of the Asquithians. The land is beautiful and tropical, the place where her ancestors came from, but not all the Asquithians are accepting of her. Instead of inviting her in immediately, they fear her, and the queen of the Asquithians places her in a prison until she decides her fate. Accacia isn’t sure why the queen distrusts her so much. But as she learns more of her people’s history, she begins to understand the queen’s motives. She fears Accacia. Though Aleco and Accacia are separated by the ocean, their souls are still intertwined through the Soul Catchers they carry, forever connecting them. While Aleco struggles to fight for her people’s freedom, Accacia is imprisoned once again until she proves she is not a threat to the Asquithians. She survives through her memories of Aleco and imagines she’s in his arms once again. Continuing without the love of her life is just as crippling. She needs him more than ever.
The Forsyte Saga 2: In Chancery
Author: John Galsworthy
Publisher: Headline
ISBN: 0755387740
Pages: 320
Year: 2011-08-04
View: 1051
Read: 1096
Separated from his wife Irene for some years now, Soames Forsyte has resigned himself to the fact she's never coming back. But as he grows older and richer, he yearns for an heir. When he confronts Irene, the raw wounds of his past passion are exposed and he will do anything to claim back what is his. Then his cousin Jolyon Forsyte moves in to protect and champion Irene and the old rift in the family splinters into new jealousy, hatred and fear. But this time it runs too deeply for forgiveness...
Heirs of Alexandria (Alexandrian Saga #2)
Author: Thomas K. Carpenter
Publisher: Black Moon Books
Pages: 392
Year: 2013-04-05
View: 300
Read: 491
For 300 years it was believed Alexander the Great had no heir. The Roman armada descends on Alexandria. Friends flee, allies bicker, and foes multiply in the night. The fragile city-state teeters on the brink of annihilation. As the naval blockade looms and palace intrigue thickens, Heron must find the heir of Alexander the Great or nothing will stop the Romans from overrunning the wondrous city.
The Commonwealth Saga 2-Book Bundle
Author: Peter F. Hamilton
Publisher: Del Rey
ISBN: 0804180652
Pages: 1616
Year: 2014-07-15
View: 398
Read: 325
Earning comparisons to such sci-fi/fantasy greats as Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov, and George R. R. Martin, Peter F. Hamilton is a one-of-a-kind voice in space opera. His interstellar adventures are hugely ambitious, wildly entertaining, and philosophically stimulating. Now Hamilton’s centuries-spanning Commonwealth Saga—the linked novels Pandora’s Star and Judas Unchained—is available in one epic eBook bundle. Contains a thrilling preview of Peter F. Hamilton’s upcoming novel, The Abyss Beyond Dreams, set in the same universe as the Commonwealth Saga. PANDORA’S STAR JUDAS UNCHAINED 2380. The Intersolar Commonwealth, a sphere of stars, contains more than six hundred worlds interconnected by a web of transport “tunnels” known as wormholes. At the farthest edge of the Commonwealth, astronomer Dudley Bose observes the impossible: over one thousand light-years away, a star . . . disappears. Since the location is too distant to reach by wormhole, the Second Chance, a faster-than-light starship commanded by Wilson Kime, a five-times-rejuvenated ex-NASA pilot, is dispatched to learn what has occurred and whether it represents a threat. Opposed to the mission are the Guardians of Selfhood. Shortly after the journey begins, Kime wonders if the crew of the Second Chance has been infiltrated. But soon enough he will have other worries. Halfway across the galaxy, something truly incredible is waiting: a deadly discovery whose unleashing will threaten to destroy the Commonwealth . . . and humanity itself. Praise for the Commonwealth Saga Pandora’s Star “Should be high on everyone’s reading list . . . You won’t be able to put it down.”—Nancy Pearl, NPR “An imaginative and stunning tale of the perfect future threatened . . . a book of epic proportions not unlike Frank Herbert’s Dune or Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy.”—SFRevu “Recommended . . . A large cast of characters, each with his own story, brings depth and variety to this far-future saga.”—Library Journal Judas Unchained “An interstellar suspense thriller . . . sweeping in scope and emotional range.”—San Antonio Express-News “Hamilton tackles SF the way George R. R. Martin is tackling fantasy. . . . There’s a sense of wonder here that’s truly unchained.”—SF Reviews “Richly satisfying . . . wonderfully imagined . . . Hamilton adroitly leaps from the struggles of one engaging, quirky character to another.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)
Jade Saga 2: The Bank Job
Author: Dan C
Publisher: Dan Cote
ISBN: 0993825036
Pages: 68
Year: 2015-01-01
View: 825
Read: 1260
The second issue of the Jade saga series. 68 pages. Available in Digital Format 6$, or Paperback 13$.