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Shoulder Pain? the Solution & Prevention
Author: John M. Kirsch
Publisher: Bookstand Publishing
ISBN: 1589096428
Pages: 126
Year: 2010-01
View: 234
Read: 628
Discusses simple exercise techniques for treating shoulder pain.
Treat Your Own Rotator Cuff
Author: Jim Johnson
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 1598582062
Pages: 89
Year: 2007-01
View: 558
Read: 894
Treat your own rotator cuff? Who needs to worry about that? According to the medical research, a lot of people. The rotator cuff, a group of four, flat tendons that connect to the critical muscles that stabilize your shoulder, can cause a lot more problems than you might think. Whether you already suffer from a rotator cuff problem, or simply want to prevent one, Treat Your Own Rotator Cuff will guide you step-by-step through an evidence-based program that can iron-plate your shoulders in just minutes a week.
Healthy Shoulder Handbook
Author: Karl Knopf
Publisher: Ulysses Press
ISBN: 1569758050
Pages: 144
Year: 2010-01-20
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Read: 1225

Fix My Shoulder
Author: George Demirakos
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442233389
Pages: 160
Year: 2014-10-16
View: 1234
Read: 985
The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body. It enjoys an amazing range of motion; it can rotate 360 degrees and can extend upward, sideways, across the body, outward, inward, every which way. That makes it the most useful joint we have, and, not surprisingly, we use it the most. Lifting, pushing, pulling, throwing, catching, hugging: the shoulder experiences more motion than any other joint. So it is perhaps not surprising that, sooner or later, it becomes overtaxed—fatigued. After all, as with anything, if you keep applying the same pressure over and over, the strength and stability of the structure being pressured will wear down. That’s what happens to the shoulder, and when it does, it’s not only painful; it can also stop you in your tracks, limiting your ability to do even simple things you’re used to doing. The truth is that if you’ve never felt any kind of shoulder pain whatsoever, the chances are good that as you grow older, you will. Our bodies tend to lose muscle and bone mass as we age, and we become more susceptible to the aches and pains that may result. But neither the weakness nor the pain is inevitable. The shoulder can be fixed, and the pain can go away. First, there’s a fix that cures the weakness and ends the pain. But there are also things you can do to prevent injury or strain in the first place, so that you never have to lose the strength, stability, and range of motion of the shoulder at all. Fix My Shoulder explores the anatomy and function of the shoulder, methods of preventing pain and injury, and treatments for healing that anyone can implement for better shoulder health and function.
The 7-minute Rotator Cuff Solution
Author: Joseph Horrigan, Jerry Robinson
Publisher: Health for Life
ISBN: 0944831257
Pages: 64
Year: 1990-06-01
View: 195
Read: 253
Presents a quick, simple exercise program to help prevent (or assist in recovery from) rotator cuff injuries. Describes how the shoulder works, what can go wrong and why, what to do (and not do) to keep shoulder problems from developing.
Treat Your Own Shoulder
Author: Robin McKenzie, Grant Watson, Robert Lindsay
ISBN: 0958269254
Pages: 108
Year: 2009
View: 330
Read: 723
This easy-to-read patient handbook provides the reaxer with an active self-treatment plan to effectively treat and prevent the return of shoulder pain and other related pain. Wellington born Robin McKenzie is a world renowned spinal expert and is recognized internationally as an authority on the diagnosis and treatment of lower back pain and neck pain. He was voted the most influential person in orthopaedic physical therapy in the USA. His titles have been translated into almost 20 languages and have sold millions of copies all over the world.
Standing Upright
Author: Gregg Haven, Gregg Haven M D
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1976314755
Pages: 76
Year: 2018-01-26
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Read: 266
An estimated 10% of the population experiences chronic back, neck or shoulder pain at least once in their life. Of that percentage, very few receive effective care that helps to fully eliminate the pain. More often than not, they are given vague answers and medications that aid the symptoms rather than healing the ailment. If you are one of the 10% suffering with back pain and looking for answers, know that you are not alone. There are many solutions available to you, and this book is full of alternative therapies and options for you to consider. Each of the solutions in this book are proven by others who have also experienced back pain, and have solid explanations as to how they work. You can feel confident that this book will help you experience relief from your pain in as little as 30 days, and will help get you on track for healing and eliminating your pain entirely. As a result, you can get back to feeling like yourself again, and lead your life with the full quality-of-life that we all desire. You will no longer feel held back or hostage to your pain, as you will be able to eliminate it and regain full control over your life again. 10% of the population experiences chronic back pain, and a large portion are never given adequate help to eliminate this pain and help them return to their healthy and happy selves. You do not have to be a part of that portion of the population. With "Standing Upright: The Proven 30 Day Solution to Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain" you can take control over your own health and eliminate your chronic back, neck, or shoulder pain. This book will help you with everything from identifying the cause of your pain to understanding how a proper solution is chosen, and then executing the solution. You will find alternative therapies, exercises you can try, and what to do in case you ever experience an emergency situation related to your pain.
Shoulder and Elbow Injuries in Athletes
Author: Robert A. Arciero, Frank A. Cordasco, Matthew T Provencher
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323512127
Pages: 352
Year: 2017-10-17
View: 373
Read: 779
Thorough and concise, this practical reference provides a unique, on-field management approach to all athletic injuries to the shoulder and elbow, as well as nonoperative and operative treatment options, including arthroscopy and open surgery. Focusing on high-performance athletes, leading authorities in the field demonstrate how to provide pain relief, restore function, and return the athlete to sport and to prior level of performance in a safe and timely fashion. Showcases the knowledge and expertise of an international group of editors and authors who have served as president of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons and the Arthroscopy Association of North America, are physicians or consultants for professional and collegiate sports teams, have won awards for research in the field of shoulder surgery, are editors and reviewers for peer-reviewed journals, and much more. Contains rehabilitation guidelines and critical return-to-sport protocols – essential information for nonsurgical healthcare providers -- primarily on athletes under the age of 40, with some consideration of the older athlete (professional golf, for example). Contains a section in each chapter covering "On-the-Field Management and Early Post-Injury Assessment and Treatment" – a must-read for immediate care of the injured athlete and ensuring the safe return to play. Covers the most recent advances in the management of tendon tears in elite and overhead athletes, including prevention in youth sports, early sports specialization, and changing standards of care regarding shoulder and elbow instability. Provides a thorough review of current ulnar collateral ligament injury diagnosis, imaging, non-operative management, and surgery, as well as acromioclavicular and sternoclavicular joint injuries, clavicle and olecranon fractures, and OCD of the capitellum.
Bulletproof Your Shoulder
Author: Jim Johnson, Jim Johnson Pt
ISBN: 1457527243
Pages: 94
Year: 2014-04
View: 1251
Read: 251
A "bulletproof shoulder" is a shoulder that is pain-free and resistant to injury - and you can have one too - Bulletproof Your Shoulder will show you how. In less than 100 pages, readers will learn about the Bulletproof Shoulder Program - a series of simple and powerful exercises you do at home or in the gym, that take a few minutes a day to do - yet create powerful changes in your shoulder tissues making it bulletproof to pain and injury. Recommended for chronic shoulder pain, athletes, workers who do repetitive arm activities, or anyone who simply wants to get rid of or avoid shoulder problems. Jim Johnson, P.T. is a physical therapist who has spent over twenty-three years treating both inpatients and outpatients with a wide range of pain and mobility problems. He has written many books based completely on published research and controlled trials including Treat Your Own Hand and Thumb Osteoarthritis, Treat Your Own Knee Arthritis, Treat Your Own Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Treat Your Own Achilles Tendinitis. His books have been translated into other languages, and thousands of copies have been sold worldwide. Besides working full-time as a clinician in a major teaching hospital and writing books, Jim Johnson is a certified Clinical Instructor by the American Physical Therapy Association and enjoys teaching physical therapy students from all over the United States.
Shoulder Pain Solution
Author: Stefan Corsten
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1530412773
Pages: 72
Year: 2016-03-09
View: 335
Read: 557
Do you know the feeling of being reminded about your shoulder pain almost every minute of the day? When putting on your jacket... When steering your car... While working out... Your problem will not leave you alone and can't be hidden. In fact it's costing you more energy and happiness then somebody could imagine! I know that feeling and I experienced it on myself for 18 months. My name is Stefan Corsten and I'm one of the leading German experts in the field of health and excercise. You're about to explore the first holistic approach to treat your aching shoulder tendons and get pain free for life. The shoulder is the most complex joint in the body, so I will not bore you with complex anatomy. I'll not leave you with theoretical advice you can't apply. In this book I will present you a step-by-step program that's as easy to follow as brushing your teeth and will erase your shoulder pain in record time!
Sports-Related Concussions in Youth
Author: National Research Council, Institute of Medicine, Board on Children, Youth, and Families, Committee on Sports-Related Concussions in Youth
Publisher: National Academies Press
ISBN: 0309288037
Pages: 356
Year: 2014-02-04
View: 803
Read: 362
In the past decade, few subjects at the intersection of medicine and sports have generated as much public interest as sports-related concussions - especially among youth. Despite growing awareness of sports-related concussions and campaigns to educate athletes, coaches, physicians, and parents of young athletes about concussion recognition and management, confusion and controversy persist in many areas. Currently, diagnosis is based primarily on the symptoms reported by the individual rather than on objective diagnostic markers, and there is little empirical evidence for the optimal degree and duration of physical rest needed to promote recovery or the best timing and approach for returning to full physical activity. Sports-Related Concussions in Youth: Improving the Science, Changing the Culture reviews the science of sports-related concussions in youth from elementary school through young adulthood, as well as in military personnel and their dependents. This report recommends actions that can be taken by a range of audiences - including research funding agencies, legislatures, state and school superintendents and athletic directors, military organizations, and equipment manufacturers, as well as youth who participate in sports and their parents - to improve what is known about concussions and to reduce their occurrence. Sports-Related Concussions in Youth finds that while some studies provide useful information, much remains unknown about the extent of concussions in youth; how to diagnose, manage, and prevent concussions; and the short- and long-term consequences of concussions as well as repetitive head impacts that do not result in concussion symptoms. The culture of sports negatively influences athletes' self-reporting of concussion symptoms and their adherence to return-to-play guidance. Athletes, their teammates, and, in some cases, coaches and parents may not fully appreciate the health threats posed by concussions. Similarly, military recruits are immersed in a culture that includes devotion to duty and service before self, and the critical nature of concussions may often go unheeded. According to Sports-Related Concussions in Youth, if the youth sports community can adopt the belief that concussions are serious injuries and emphasize care for players with concussions until they are fully recovered, then the culture in which these athletes perform and compete will become much safer. Improving understanding of the extent, causes, effects, and prevention of sports-related concussions is vitally important for the health and well-being of youth athletes. The findings and recommendations in this report set a direction for research to reach this goal.
The Shoulder Patients' Handbook
Author: Paul B. Roache
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1483520676
Pages: 164
Year: 2014-03-16
View: 775
Read: 694
This handbook is the result of the countless conversations I’ve had with my patients about their rotator cuff injuries and other common shoulder problems. Their desire to understand their injury and the how to heal from that injury is the inspiration for this handbook. I’ve written it in everyday language to convey basic terms and concepts. As such, it is a simplification; yet it is from these basic, simple concepts that injuries are best understood. Understanding the basics of your injury, treatment, and process of healing will help ease your anxiety and focus your energy on getting well. This book is the bridge to the basic concepts and treatment principles that you must learn and understand in order to have a meaningful conversation with your doctor. There are many ways to treat shoulder pain and injuries. There are numerous books for patients published on the rotator cuff by chiropractors, physical therapists, and yoga teachers. Yet there are none published by shoulder surgeons for their patients. My goal for each and every patient is that he or she heals and gets back to all the activities in his or her life in the safest, most efficient way. Many times, the answer is not surgery. However, in rotator cuff problems, particularly tendon tears, surgery at some point is very often the correct tool to help patients return to their previous level of activity. Most patients will follow a very predictable path as they heal from their injury. I call it the “Rotator Cuff Pathway.” When patients understand the basics of their injury and the treatment, there is much less fear and anxiety. Most find the predictability of the pathway reassuring. Then they are free to focus their energy on healing and getting well.
Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
Author: David Joyce, Daniel Lewindon
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135075093
Pages: 464
Year: 2015-12-14
View: 781
Read: 203
World-class rehabilitation of the injured athlete integrates best practice in sports medicine and physical therapy with training and conditioning techniques based on cutting-edge sports science. In this ground-breaking new book, leading sports injury and rehabilitation professionals, strength and conditioning coaches, biomechanists and sport scientists show how this integrated model works across the spectrum of athlete care. In every chapter, there is a sharp focus on the return to performance, rather than just a return to play. The book introduces evidence-based best practice in all the core areas of sports injury risk management and rehabilitation, including: performance frameworks for medical and injury screening; the science of pain and the psychology of injury and rehabilitation; developing core stability and flexibility; performance retraining of muscle, tendon and bone injuries; recovery from training and rehabilitation; end-stage rehabilitation, testing and training for a return to performance. Every chapter offers a masterclass from a range of elite sport professionals, containing best practice protocols, procedures and specimen programmes designed for high performance. No other book examines rehabilitation in such detail from a high performance standpoint. Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation is essential reading for any course in sports medicine and rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, sports science, and for any clinician, coach or high performance professional working to prevent or rehabilitate sports injuries.
Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunctions
Author: Evan Osar
Publisher: Lotus Pub.
ISBN: 1905367260
Pages: 335
Year: 2012
View: 819
Read: 617
Dysfunctions of the movement system are at the core of most cases of musculoskeletal injury, including (but not limited to) degenerative joint conditions, impingement syndromes, and chronic myofascial and joint pain. These movement impairments result in repetitive and cumulative microtraumas that affect individuals in their occupations and everyday activities, as well as in their attempts to be more physically active during exercise or recreational activities. Full of color photographs illustrating precise assessments, corrective strategies, and functional progressions, Common Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunction demonstrates how the fitness professional/clinician can apply the three principles of human movement - respiration, centration, and integration - to improve common movement dysfunctions of the hip and shoulder. This valuable resource presents: The three reasons why clients develop faulty movement patterns - so the fitness professional/clinician can understand and explain the mechanisms behind their clients' hip and shoulder dysfunctions. The concepts and strategies, including the real-world and clinical application, of the corrective exercise and integrative movement approach to common movement dysfunctions of the hip and shoulder - so the fitness professional/clinician has both the strategies and the tools to address their clients' hip and shoulder dysfunctions. An easy-to-implement, principle-based solution to common movement dysfunction of the hip and shoulder - so the fitness professional/clinician can expand their expertise as a movement specialist and become a part of the solution to the health care crisis.
Millions of people are suffering from Rotator Cuff Injuries. This is another very informative book by Robert Rymore. He continues with his interest in writing medical educational guides. This guide is intended to be a tool, one that will give you information and hopefully some pain relief. Symptoms, Exercises, Stretches, Repair, Recovery, Aids, Treatments, Alternative Therapies all covered. Readers will surely find much contribution by this book, to relief their pain or even to create a pain free healthy lifestyle. The book is written in an easy to read and understandable style. In a straightforward, no nonsense fashion, Robert covers all aspects of Rotator Cuff Injuries, including lots of exercises. The content is informative, educative and easy to understand.