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Telling Lies: A Sam Mason Mystery - Book 1
Author: L. A. Dobbs
Publisher: Leighann Dobbs Publishing
Pages: 282
Year: 2017-04-17
View: 615
Read: 871

An Innocent Client
Author: Scott Pratt
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0451412656
Pages: 358
Year: 2008
View: 522
Read: 885
Burned out defense attorney Joe Dillard, against his better judgment, takes the case of Angel Christian, a waitress in a strip club, who is accused of stabbing a preacher to death in a Tennessee motel--a case that is linked to his own deeply troubled sister and a vindictive detective. Original.
Keeping Secrets
Author: L. A. Dobbs
ISBN: 1521298270
Pages: 266
Year: 2017-05-15
View: 553
Read: 1015
When long-time White Rock resident Mike Donnelly is found dead at his hunting camp, it appears as if the tragic death was by his own hand. But a gut feeling tells Chief of Police Sam Mason otherwise. Is it any coincidence that Mike's family farm sits smack in the middle of a parcel of land that greedy Lucas Thorne desperately needs to complete the development of his resort? Sam and Sergeant Jody Harris's line of questioning stirs up a hornet's nest. When Thorne threatens to expose a secret from Sam's past, Sam realizes the corruption in White Rock runs deeper than he ever suspected. And when a startling discovery surrounding slain officer Tyler Richardson is brought to light, Sam and Jo discover that you never can tell who might be keeping secrets.
Telling Lies
Author: L. A. Dobbs
ISBN: 1946944106
Year: 2017-04-24
View: 160
Read: 1227
The small police force of White Rock, New Hampshire, is still reeling from the death of Officer Tyler Richardson when they are called to the scene of the accidental drowning of an out-of-town camper. But Chief Sam Mason and Sergeant Jody Harris soon discover the drowning was no accident. Someone murdered Lynn Palmer and staged the scene to make it look that way. With a pool of suspects who aren't telling the truth and a corrupt mayor who wants the case solved yesterday, Sam and Jo follow a puzzling trail of clues with a surprise ending. And when a stray dog points them in the right direction, Sam discovers the killer is closer than he thought.Just when Sam and Jo think they can rest after having solved Lynn's murder, a shocking discovery proves that sometimes even those you trust can be telling lies.
Sex, Lies & Sweet Tea
Author: Kris Calvert
Publisher: Kris Calvert
ISBN: 0991138600
Pages: 411
Year: 2014-09-01
View: 1270
Read: 941
Hotter than hell and half of Alabama, FBI Agent, Mac Callahan is thirsty for everything except love. Coming home to bust a white-collar crime ring, Mac intends to execute his usual practice with work and women¬ – get in, get it on and get out. Instead, he finds himself unexpectedly drawn to the legacy of his family, his plantation, and the charms of a Southern girl. Samantha Peterson possesses everything he needs in a woman, including the evidence to wrap his case. As the investigation heats up, so does their passion and a dangerous game ignites. But, then again, everything’s hotter in the South.
The Book of Lies
Author: Aleister Crowley
Publisher: Aiwass Books via PublishDrive
ISBN: 1387991809
Pages: 108
Year: 2018-09-14
View: 736
Read: 1260
The Book of Lies is a complex work of occultism. Deciphering its many layers of hidden meaning requires a little patience and more than a beginner's knowledge of Thelema. For those interested in passing beyond the initiate stage, the reward offered by a deeper understanding of this challenging text is well worth the effort.
The Good Daughter
Author: Karin Slaughter
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062430262
Pages: 528
Year: 2017-08-08
View: 1134
Read: 732
“The Good Daughter is like Law and Order meets The Good Wife.” —theSkimm Instant New York Times Bestseller theSkimm Book Club Pick! The stunning new novel from the international #1 bestselling author — a searing, spellbinding blend of cold-case thriller and psychological suspense. Two girls are forced into the woods at gunpoint. One runs for her life. One is left behind… Twenty-eight years ago, Charlotte and Samantha Quinn's happy small-town family life was torn apart by a terrifying attack on their family home. It left their mother dead. It left their father — Pikeville's notorious defense attorney — devastated. And it left the family fractured beyond repair, consumed by secrets from that terrible night. Twenty-eight years later, and Charlie has followed in her father's footsteps to become a lawyer herself — the ideal good daughter. But when violence comes to Pikeville again — and a shocking tragedy leaves the whole town traumatized — Charlie is plunged into a nightmare. Not only is she the first witness on the scene, but it's a case that unleashes the terrible memories she's spent so long trying to suppress. Because the shocking truth about the crime that destroyed her family nearly thirty years ago won't stay buried forever… Packed with twists and turns, brimming with emotion and heart, The Good Daughter is fiction at its most thrilling.
Author: Michael Ridpath
Publisher: Atlantic Books
ISBN: 0857896822
Pages: 320
Year: 2014-06-01
View: 1332
Read: 554
The third book in the Fire & Ice series featuring Icelandic detective Magnus JonsonFreeFlow, a group of internet activists committed to the freedom of information, have video evidence of a military atrocity in the Middle East and have chosen Iceland as their HQ while they prepare to unleash their greatest coup on the world's media. On the glacial rim of erupting volcano Eyjafjallajökull, minutes after they christen their endeavor Operation Meltwater, one of them is murdered. The list of people Freeflow has antagonized is long—the Chinese government, Israeli military, a German Bank, Italian politicians, even U.S. college fraternities. Magnus Jonson has a long list of suspects but he's getting precious little help from FreeFlow—for an organization dedicated to the transparency of information, they're a secretive bunch. But they are not the only ones with secrets. Asta, a newly qualified priest, has contacted FreeFlow with information about a scandal in the church. Her involvement with FreeFlow will cost her dearly. And with the return of Magnus's brother Ollie to Iceland, the feud that has haunted their family for three generations is about to reignite.
Betraying Trust
Author: L.A. Dobbs
Publisher: Leighann Dobbs
Pages: 282
Year: 2018-02-27
View: 643
Read: 461
Chief Sam Mason needs hard evidence to nail elusive drug dealer Lucas Thorne. Mayor Harley Dupont offers to provide it. But Dupont is murdered before he can talk. Sam and Sergeant Jody Harris don’t know who they can trust aside from their loyal K-9, Lucy. When the FBI comes sniffing around, their past actions come back to haunt them. Just as Sam’s strongest clue appears to be a dead end, a surprise twist reveals the truth behind Dupont’s murder as well as the mysterious death of officer Tyler Richardson, and Sam learns that what he thought was a betrayal of trust was really something else entirely.
Author: Olly Jarvis
Publisher: Canelo
ISBN: 1911420305
Pages: 320
Year: 2018-01-29
View: 771
Read: 1076
In a razor-sharp legal thriller, Jack Kowalski must win two challenging trials to save his reputation and his career Junior barrister Jack Kowalski is crushed. His client Timothy Smart appears to have committed a monstrous crime while on bail – a bail application Jack fought hard to win. When a high-profile Polish footballer is charged with rape and demands a fellow countryman represent him, Jack must overcome his guilt and get back to work. Before long he takes on a second case, a GBH for instructing solicitor Lara Panassai, who Jack remains desperate to impress. But neither case is what it seems, and Jack will face an extraordinary uphill battle to see that justice is done... The second Jack Kowalski novel, Unconvicted is a gripping courtroom drama written with the expert insight of a practising criminal barrister, perfect for fans of William L. Myers, Deborah Hawkins, and Scott Turow. 'A book so on point I felt like I was reading tomorrow’s headlines.' Nigel Adams Bookworm 'It had enough twists and turns to keep me glued right to the last page. I look forward to reading more in the series.' Reader review 'It’s a right proper page turner and no mistake... This is very intelligent storytelling here, walking the line between entertainment and authenticity extremely well and balancing character and action perfectly... Highly recommended.' Liz Loves 'Another winner... really looking forward to round three.' Reader review 'Undoubtedly an author to watch out for... this legal thriller was excellent and kept me interested all the way through.' Reader review
Deadly Secrets
Author: Robert Bryndza
Publisher: Bookouture
ISBN: 1786814277
Pages: 325
Year: 2018-04-13
View: 909
Read: 805

The Starlight Club
Author: Joe Corso
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1543923739
Pages: 228
Year: 2014-08-02
View: 566
Read: 853
The Starlight Club was jumping . . . “They looked like mob guys. They had that arrogance exuded by those who liked to intimidate – those who were the proud purveyors of fear.” Amidst the nightly gaiety was the back room, where business deals were made, hits were ordered, and territories were divided. Trenchie is just released from his ten year prison sentence. A new life is waiting – complete with envelopes of money and a steak house to call his own. He finds the woman of his dreams who brings along ex-husband baggage. Hit man Jimmy The Hat finds unexpected fame in the most unlikely of places, yet he always stays true to the “boys”, especially Big Red. “Crazy Joey Gallo” and his brothers break away from the Profaci family and go “rogue, on their own now. They split their gang into several small groups and spread them out over the five boroughs.”
Author: Karen Ann Hopkins
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 037321054X
Pages: 380
Year: 2012-06-26
View: 1142
Read: 1061
Falling in love in a sleepy farming community, Rose and Noah share a beautiful romance filled with horseback riding and long talks in grassy fields, but the relationship is soon threatened by the realities of Noah's Amish status. Original.
Dying Truth
Author: Angela Marsons
Publisher: Bookouture
ISBN: 1786814749
Year: 2018-05-18
View: 215
Read: 1161

Keeping Secrets
Author: Sue Gee
Publisher: Boxtree
ISBN: 1743546254
Pages: 336
Year: 2016-02-01
View: 226
Read: 1033
Keeping Secrets is the absorbing story of two very different sisters: of their complex relationships with each other, with the men they love, and with their children. Hilda is clever, purposeful, self contained, a woman whose ordered life is focused on her teaching career, who lives alone and who, until she meets Stephen, a married man, has successfully kept emotion at a distance. In contrast, her younger sister Alice is someone whose feelings have always threatened to overwhelm her. She has always felt in Hilda’s shadow, and her uncertainty and insecurity have receded only with the love of her husband, Tony, and the birth of her children. When she discovers that Hilda has decided to have Stephen’s child she feels her territory is being invaded, and all her anxieties resurface. But as the birth of her baby draws near, Hilda’s own problems emerge. She comes to realise that there are limits to her self-sufficiency, and that her relationship with Stephen is not as perfect as she had though. Meanwhile, Stephen’s wife Miriam, physically and emotionally isolated at their house in Norfolk, has kept her own secrets, and made her own discoveries. As the hot summer wears on, the lives of all three women come to a turning point, with a climax which none of them has envisaged. From the author of Spring Will Be Ours, this poignant novel explores the dilemma of the single woman who longs to have a child, and finds no easy solutions.