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The Railway Man
Author: John Dean
ISBN: 1973505061
Pages: 213
Year: 2017-12-09
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Few tears are shed when an ex-boxer and local hard man is found dead in a disused railway signal box. When DCI John Blizzard is called in to investigate, he discovers no shortage of people who would want the bully dead. But getting any of them to come forward proves difficult. Having interrupted the opening day of the public display of a steam engine that DCI Blizzard lovingly helped restore, few are keener than he to see the perpetrator under lock and key. It transpires that the victim once gave a man life-changing injuries with a cruel sucker punch, thus Blizzard's colleagues think they've found a likely suspect. But the veteran detective is not so sure. In fact, the real culprits might be much closer to home. Probing deeper into the web of lies that surrounded the man's life, Blizzard might have to confront unpalatable truths that shatter his nostalgic view of the city's past. Set in the fictional port city of Hafton in northern England, THE RAILWAY MAN is a traditional British whodunit with a thrilling contemporary twist. The novel is the third title by John Dean to feature the burly, no-nonsense detective, John Blizzard, a man who refuses to take no for an answer. The full list of books is as follows: 1. THE LONG DEAD 2. STRANGE LITTLE GIRL 3. THE RAILWAY MAN 4. THE SECRETS MAN These books are standalones and can be enjoyed on their own, or a series. They are available on Kindle and in paperback, and are free on Kindle Unlimited. John Dean is the author of several other crime fiction titles. Look out for his DCI Jack Harris novels, and those featuring detective Danny Radford, which he writes under the pen name John Stanley.
Strange Little Girl
Author: John Dean
ISBN: 1973462133
Pages: 211
Year: 2017-12-05
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A desecrated grave, an unforgotten crime, and a no-nonsense detective on the case When detective John Blizzard is called to Hafton city cemetery to inspect a recently desecrated grave, he quickly suspects it is something to do with a girl who went missing years before. The grave belongs to the victims of an unsolved murder case, involving members of the family to which the girl belonged. DCI Blizzard is sure that the father was the culprit but previous attempts to bring him to justice had failed. Now a wealthy businessman, Blizzard is still determined to put him under lock and key. Spurred by the recent events, he convinces his divisional commander that the case be reopened. But Blizzard gets more than he bargained for when police probing brings a genuinely feared villain back to the area - a gangster who has always evaded the law and is ready to use any means necessary to do his dirty work. When a new murder is committed, the pressure is on to solve the case. But something is being hidden from the detectives and the clues point to a sinister crime ring that will do anything to evade capture and protect its interests. STRANGE LITTLE GIRL is the second book in the DCI John Blizzard crime series. Also look out for THE LONG DEAD, the first to be published, and the third and fourth: THE RAILWAY MAN and THE SECRETS MAN. The books are standalones and can be read in any order or enjoyed on their own. All these books are free on Kindle Unlimited. If you are looking for your next murder mystery series, look no further than these books. Set in the fictional city of Hafton in northern England, they are well-crafted novels with realistic characters and a detective who won't take no for an answer.
The Secrets Man
Author: John Dean
Publisher: Robert Hale Limited
ISBN: 0709092849
Pages: 222
Year: 2011
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DCI John Blizzard visits a friend in hospital and is intrigued when an elderly villain in the next bed begins to reveal what he knows about Hafton's criminal gangs. The revelations attract a series of sinister characters to the ward. Are they trying to silence the old man?
The Long Dead
Author: John Dean
ISBN: 1549903640
Pages: 201
Year: 2017-10-06
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An unmarked grave, an old promise and a maverick detective... When an archaeological investigation of an old prisoner of war camp turns up several bodies in unmarked graves, it should be an open and shut case for DCI John Blizzard.But, on a foggy November morning, his instinct that something is not quite right is confirmed when forensics show that while most of the victims died during a flu epidemic after the Second World War, one of the deaths was far more recent.Who is this man? Why was he killed? As Blizzard and his team investigate, they begin to uncover a cruel crime, and a promise of revenge that goes back generations. Worse, the killer is at large and now motivated to strike again. Can Blizzard piece together the puzzle and let old wounds finally heal?Set in the fictional port of Hafton in northern England, THE LONG DEAD is a contemporary British whodunnit. If you are a reader who likes having to guess the identity of the murderer, you'll enjoy picking up on the various clues. With snappy dialogue and convincing characters, this is a page turner that the whole family will appreciate.THE LONG DEAD is the first in a series of novels featuring detective John Blizzard and his team. It is followed by STRANGE LITTLE GIRL, THE RAILWAY MAN and THE SECRETS MAN.Also look out for the author John Dean's other murder mystery series set in the Pennines, featuring detective Jack Harris and comprising: DEAD HILL, THE VIXEN'S SCREAM and TO DIE ALONE. All of these books are available on Kindle and in paperback.
House of Evil
Author: John Dean
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1429944021
Pages: 256
Year: 2008-07-29
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***Please note: This ebook edition does not contain the photos found in the print edition.*** In the heart of Indianapolis in the mid 1960's, through a twist of fate and fortune, a pretty young girl came to live with a thirty-seven-year-old mother and her seven children. What began as a temporary childcare arrangement between Sylvia Likens's parents and Gertrude Baniszewski turned into a crime that would haunt cops, prosecutors, and a community for decades to come... When police found Sylvia's emaciated body, with a chilling message carved into her flesh, they knew that she had suffered tremendously before her death. Soon they would learn how many others—including some of Baniszewski's own children—participated in Sylvia's murder, and just how much torture had been inflicted in one HOUSE OF EVIL
The Vixen's Scream
Author: John Dean
ISBN: 1521391971
Pages: 192
Year: 2017-05-28
View: 1097
Read: 744
When a sleepy hillside town is beset by a spate of burglaries followed by a murder, Detective Jack Harris must quickly uncover the link between them. A series of blood-curdling screams heard in the dead of the Cumbrian night has a London woman new to the area convinced that a murder has occurred. When the body of a young woman is in fact found, rumours quickly spread that a serial killer is at work in the small Pennine community of Levton Bridge. When the clues do indeed begin to point to a connection with other missing women, the pressure from on high to find answers increases ten-fold. Fighting the media circus's constant attempts to thwart the investigation, detective Jack Harris must also battle the confusion and doubts among his own team in order to find the killer. THE VIXEN'S SCREAM is the second book by John Dean to feature DCI Jack Harris. Look out for the first, DEAD HILL. These books can be enjoyed on their own or as part of a series, in no particular order. If you enjoy traditional British murder mysteries, look no further than THE VIXEN'S SCREAM.
The Dead Hill
Author: John Dean
Publisher: Ulverscroft Large Print Books
ISBN: 1847828922
Pages: 315
Year: 2009
View: 311
Read: 1176
The discovery of a dead gangland figure in a quarry brings back dark memories for Detective Chief Inspector Jack Harris and the hilltop community in which he works. As the detective investigates the murder, not only is he forced to deal with hostile villains, fightened townsfolk, and colleagues who doubt his capacity to bring the killer to justice, he also has to confront part of his past that he had hoped would be forgotten. And in doing so, he is forced to reevaluate the loyalties of those closest to him.
Time of Death
Author: Mark Billingham
Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic
ISBN: 0802191371
Pages: 448
Year: 2015-06-02
View: 1213
Read: 1264
Two British police detectives take on a case close to home: “One of the most consistently entertaining, insightful crime writers working today” (Gillian Flynn). One of Entertainment Weekly’s “10 Great Summer Thrillers” Tom Thorne is on holiday with his girlfriend, DS Helen Weeks, when two girls are abducted in Helen’s hometown in Warwickshire. When a body is discovered and a man is arrested, Helen recognizes the suspect’s wife as an old school friend, and reluctantly returns home for the first time in twenty-five years to lend her support. As his partner faces up to a past she has tried desperately to forget and a media storm engulfs the town, Thorne becomes convinced that, despite overwhelming evidence of his guilt, the police have got the wrong man. There is still an extremely clever and killer on the loose—and a missing girl who Thorne believes might still be alive . . . “Some ingenious forensic footwork. What is most impressive about the novel, however, is the astute observation of the beleaguered Bates family, who turn in on themselves as the inhabitants of the town turn on them.” —The Guardian
Salford Murders
Author: Bud Craig
ISBN: 1520791283
Pages: 624
Year: 2017-03-08
View: 214
Read: 591
Gripping Private Eye detective stories set in the industrial North. Three books in one! With the atmosphere of urban decline and inner-city violence, these three murder mysteries are set in the metropolitan area of Salford, Manchester - one of the most deprived areas in England. Ex-rugby player turned social worker Gus Keane is a man who, faced with the disinterest of the Police, becomes a private investigator in order to find out who murdered his boss. Not surprisingly, law enforcement don't want someone meddling in the case, but increasingly they turn to Keane's local knowledge to bring the culprit to justice. Three related detective mysteries in one bumper volume on Kindle As reviewers have remarked, these books form a trilogy but each can be read on its own, without having read the others. This is partly because Gus Keane is an immediately likeable detective: he has his faults, and is always getting into trouble; but he has a way of getting the truth out of people and, hardened to the rough world of Salford, his local knowledge is key. THE THREE BOOKS IN THE TRILOGY TACKLING DEATH: A pacey pulp Private Eye thriller set in a northern English town Ex-rugby football player turned social worker Gus Keane is getting ready for retirement when his boss gets murdered. Finding himself under suspicion, Keane turns private detective to find out the truth. But when he closes in on the killer will Keane come out on top or fall victim to the murderer's desperate moves? DEAD CERTAINTY: Social worker turned Private Eye Gus Keane returns in this gripping murder mystery If something happens in Salford, Manchester, it is generally bad news and when two dead bodies turn up within a few hours of one another, it is no exception. With the local force stretched to the limits and firing blanks ex-rugby player Gus Keane is asked to step in to help find the culprits. What follows is an ever thickening plot as Keane gradually begins to unravel a mystery from Salford's shady past. FALLING FOUL: Private investigator Gus Keane is back with a difficult new case to solve With his ex-wife appearing back on the scene and relations with his girlfriend Marti troubled, the murder of one of Gus Keane's colleagues comes at a really bad time. Yet when his friend Jimmy is accused of the murder, he really must step up to the plate. With his knowledge of the local area, and a healthy suspicion that nothing anyone says is true, private investigator Keane must find the killer before Jimmy is convicted. These books are also available as individual titles on Kindle and are FREE on Kindle Unlimited.
Say You're Sorry
Author: Michael Robotham
Publisher: Mulholland Books
ISBN: 0316221252
Pages: 448
Year: 2012-10-02
View: 223
Read: 914
TWO MISSING GIRLS. TWO BRUTAL MURDERS. ALL CONNECTED TO ONE FARM HOUSE. WHO IS TO BLAME? When pretty and popular teenagers Piper Hadley and Tash McBain disappear one Sunday morning, the investigation captivates a nation but the girls are never found. Three years later, during the worst blizzard in a century, a husband and wife are brutally killed in the farmhouse where Tash McBain once lived. A suspect is in custody, a troubled young man who can hear voices and claims that he saw a girl that night being chased by a snowman. Convinced that Piper or Tash might still be alive, clinical psychologist Joe O'Loughlin and ex-cop Vincent Ruiz, persuade the police to re-open the investigation. But they are racing against time to save the girls from someone with an evil, calculating and twisted mind...
All My Enemies
Author: Barry Maitland
Publisher: Minotaur Books
ISBN: 142993123X
Pages: 304
Year: 2009-09-15
View: 843
Read: 533
In one of the finest and most pivotal books in this critically acclaimed series, never before published in the U.S., D.S. Kathy Kolla reports to New Scotland Yard and to D.C.I. David Brock's Serious Crime Division. Just before Kolla is to start her new job, a young woman is found viscously murdered in a leafy, well-heeled suburb, and the grotesque details of the slaughter appear to be well-rehearsed, even theatrical. Assigned to the case, Kolla's only improbable lead draws her to a local amateur drama group. Once in their orbit, she is lured into a piece of theatre over which, increasingly, she has little control. In All My Enemies, Brock and Kolla find themselves in a tangled web of deceptions in a case wherein a corpus of plays becomes a template for murder.
The Long Dead
Author: John Dean
ISBN: 1846178959
Pages: 340
Year: 2007
View: 796
Read: 861
When 16 skeletons are unearthed near an old prisoner-of-war camp outside the northern city of Hafton, it seems like a simple case for Detective Chief Inspector John Blizzard. With all indicators pointing to natural deaths from influenza during the First World War, there seems little to concern modern-day detectives.
Friday the Rabbi Slept Late
Author: Harry Kemelman
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1504016041
Pages: 201
Year: 2015-08-04
View: 1273
Read: 1107
First in the New York Times–bestselling series and winner of the Edgar Award: A new rabbi in a small New England town investigates the murder of a nanny. David Small is the new rabbi in the small Massachusetts town of Barnard’s Crossing. Although he’d rather spend his days engaged in Torah study and theological debate, the daily chores of synagogue life are all-consuming—that is, until the day a nanny’s body is found on the rain-soaked asphalt of the temple’s parking lot. When the young woman’s purse is discovered in Rabbi Small’s car, he will have to use his scholarly skills and Talmudic wisdom—and collaborate with the Irish-Catholic police chief—to exonerate himself and find the real killer. Blending this unorthodox sleuth’s quick intellect with thrilling action, Friday the Rabbi Slept Late is the exciting first installment of the beloved bestselling mystery series that offers a Jewish twist on the clerical mystery, a delightful discovery for fans of Father Brown and Father Dowling or readers of Faye Kellerman’s suspense novels set in the Orthodox community.
Gold Warriors
Author: Sterling Seagrave, Peggy Seagrave
Publisher: Verso
ISBN: 1859845428
Pages: 332
Year: 2003
View: 532
Read: 1197
In 1945, US Intelligence officers in Manila discovered that the Japanese had hidden large quantities of gold bullion and other looted treasure in the Philippines. President Truman decided to recover the gold but to keep its riches secret. These would be combined with treasure recovered inside Japan during the US occupation, and with Nazi loot recovered in Europe, to create a worldwide American political action fund to fight communism. Overseen by General MacArthur, President Truman, and John Foster Dulles, this 'Black Gold' gave Washington virtually limitless, unaccountable funds, providing an asset base to reinforce the treasuries of America's allies, to bribe political and military leaders, and to manipulate elections in foreign countries for more than fifty years. Drawing on a vast range of original documents and thousands of hours of interviews, Gold Warriors exposes one of the great state secrets of the twentieth century.
Making Twenty-First-Century Strategy
Author: Dennis M. Drew, Donald M. Snow
Publisher: www.Militarybookshop.CompanyUK
ISBN: 1907521542
Pages: 290
Year: 2010-05
View: 418
Read: 1063
This new work defines national security strategy, its objectives, the problems it confronts, and the influences that constrain and facilitate its development and implementation in a post-Cold War, post-9/11 environment. The authors note that making and implementing national strategy centers on risk management and present a model for assessing strategic risks and the process for allocating limited resources to reduce them. The major threats facing the United States now come from its unique status as "the sole remaining superpower" against which no nation-state or other entity can hope to compete through conventional means. The alternative is what is now called asymmetrical or fourth generation warfare. Drew and Snow discuss all these factors in detail and bring them together by examining the continuing problems of making strategy in a changed and changing world. Originally published in 2006.